Ive had such a fun experience collaborating with Nordstrom Rack! Recently I attended the 
private shop event at the new Brooklyn store! I was able be one of the first to hunt the racks and find some of my favorite designers for unbelievably low prices! Im typically drawn to classic pieces and high quality basics, so when I came across this perfect Vince tee and Alexander Wang silky shorts for 75% off, I truly felt like a genius, a shop genius! 
xx alex

ps. I want you to be able to score an unbelievable deal too! Im giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky winner! I will choose the winner on Friday morning. All you have to do is...

-Comment on my latest instagram picture, associated with this post, with your shopping true shopping confession. My confession is: "My pieces like to play the field. They don't commit to one outfit."
-Make sure to tag #shopgenius after your confession. 
Vince Tee. Alexander Wang Shorts (Similar Here). H&M Trench Coat (Similar Here). Miu Miu Sunnies (Similar Here). Gianvito Rossi Pumps (Similar Here). Celine Bag. 
HRH Collection Necklace. 



I don't know what it is about shopping for basics in the men's department, but its something that my girl Crystal and I have been really loving lately. There's something about the relaxed, cool look of an a slightly oversized mens tee. While shopping for some basics we came across these sweat shorts at H&M. I roll them up a couple times and wear them low in the front for the prefect relaxed look. Pair them with some classic, good quality pieces for a casually tailored look. I never skimp on the accessories either... especially in the handbag and jewelry! To see more photos of this look and to read more about this new MCM Spring Collection handbag, click HERE to see the full post! xx alex 
Blazer and Tee: Zara. Shorts: Men's H&M. Sunnies: Dita. Necklace. Bracelet. MCM Handbag. Shoes: Marciano. 



Hi Everyone! Spring is definitely in full effect around here! I wake up to baby birds singing outside of my window everyday lately.... and to a new a baby bunny hopping around my living room! Yes, if you haven't seen via my Instagram, I recently adopted Bao a little friend. It was about time, and now he has a little buddy to keep him company. I can't believe how well they get along. It melts my heart. 
I love these new suede drawstring shorts and embellished denim jacket! Two classic designs with really cool twists, that make them super unique! I wore my new Angelic top, the perfect flowy option that everyone needs in their closet; and unique accessories like this new necklace and high top espadrilles! For me, is really all about the details and classic pieces. 
I hope everyone is ready for Easter! I know my bunnies are! xx alex
Jacket and Shorts: H&M (recent!). Angelic Top. Sunnies. Large Prada Bag. Chanel High Tops. 
Hair, make sure to use the code. Mermaid's Bubble Pearl Necklace. Nails



Hi Everyone! Last month you may have seen I partnered up with Nordstrom Rack for a private shopping event with other fab bloggers in San Francisco! At the event, I picked up these classic Birkenstocks. You all know how much I love styling them! I was stoked when I came across them at NR, and for much less than I had seen them for anywhere else! 
Here is an everyday look that is very typical for me. 
Black, white, clean lines and a pop of color with my mini bag.
I feel like a genius when I score a designer item for a ridiculous price. Make sure to share your best @NordstromRack finds on instagram by tagging #shopgenius
xx alex

Leather Pants: Current Elliot (Similar Here). White Tee: Zara (Similar Here). Vest and Bracelets: HRH Collection. Sunnies: Miu Miu. Shoes: Birkenstocks from Nordstrom Rack



Hi Everyone! Click on over to  the MCM Blog to see some snaps of my recent getaway! I had such a beautiful time! The beaches and weather  in particular;  perfectly tropical! Take me back! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! xx alex 



It was Bao's birthday this past week, so we took him to the beach for a little picnic celebration, complete with a handmade party hat just for him! 
It shouldn't be a  surprise I had a party for him, you know im overly in love. 
He doesn't like to leave the house much, but I think the more we take him out, the more comfortable he's becoming with it. He can't be out for too long, as he seems to get a bit overwhelmed with all the commotion he isn't used to.; but because we only live a block from the beach, it's easy to hop on our beach cruisers with Bao in my basket, (made specially for pets) and get back quickly if we need to! 
He was definitely spoiled today. We treated him to all of his favorites! Corn tortilla, fresh corn, kale and a cookie made just for rabbits; though we only allowed a few bites of each.  We brought sandwiches along for ourselves which he managed to sneak bites from too...  
I hope he had a good time! He seemed to be enjoying himself! Though it may have just been the fact that we had all his favorite treats for him with little restriction. 
Happy Birthday little boy! xx
ps. In order to make room for my new spring collection pieces, I have reduced the HRH Scuba and HRH Velvet Skirt! Please get yours HERE, now!
Such an amazing deal! xx alex