14 October 2009


Chinese Pop:
In my opinion Chinese pop is the best genre, though people think i'm crazy for being slightly obsessed with it. Unfortunately, I never made it to a concert while in China, but have been looking up my favorite singer's tour dates and found that they might be stopping through my state!

Speaking Chinese:
I so miss conversing with local Chinese and learning new words through conversation!

Braised Chinese Eggplant:
Chinese cuisine and the ingredients used are sometimes strange and can be unappetizing; however braised eggplant in Shanghai was always my go-to dish! There are variations of it, however it never disappointed!

Clubs, Bars, Lounges, KTV:
Shanghai NEVER sleeps and its nightlife is booming until the sun comes up. Whether we went to a modern styled club, casual bar, posh lounge or Chinese karaoke (KTV), Shanghai always promised a night to remember!

Never Being Surprised:
Daily life in Shanghai was an event in itself and I was never really surprised by the all the outrageously strange things I witnessed...

Alex Yao (Left):
Teaching english in China is a popular and lucrative job for foreigners. During my year abroad I taught a group of the most adorable kids, but one in particular stole my heart.

Szechuan Cuisine:
My favorite Chinese food came from a province in China other than Shanghai, where they use unique spices and heat that could knock you to the floor. Im partial to a milder taste, so through trial and error I found my favorite dishes. Braised mini pork ribs, claypot eggplant, Szechuan style broccoli and a whole white flaky fish served with a clear but flavorful sauce and peanuts :)

Xintaindi District:
Xintiandi is located in Shanghai's center, surrounded by hovering skyscrapers. This small posh district is comprised of a collection of protected ancient structures which have been restored and renovated. Xintiandi is similar to a plaza, with beautiful shops, restaurants, bars and an elite-boutique hotel. It was lovely to ride my bike or take the metro here for lunch or a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Shanghai's Metro:

I can't say better things about Shanghai's Metro system. I've used other countries subways but wasn't half as impressed as I was with Shanghai's. For how chaotic and crowded this city is, its metro is extremely efficient and surprisingly clean! I wish there was a need for public transportation like this where I live!


  1. wow! looks like you really had a great time there! Maybe you will get to go back soon ;0)

    little Alex Yao is adorable! I can see why he stole your heart!!!

    Braised Chinese Eggplant looks delicious!

  2. I just returned from shanghai about 1 month ago! loved it there, esp. the food :P and shopping... hahaha!


  3. It looks interesting! My sister-in-law is from China...I love her cooking. She makes wonderful dumplings and an eggplant dish I just love :-)

  4. But there are certain foods you can just not get there.

    I like your blog I connected through another blog.

    Best regards

  5. Chinese pop is the best thing to dance to!

    Lovely blog! I will def. be back!


  6. I ve never being to Shangai... but accordinng to your post it's an amazing place... I love nightlife.

    ps. nice blog


  7. Ah! I've had those pink cigarettes before, so hilarious. My boyfriend introduced me to Chinese pop music a few years ago & I absolutely loved it. So much fun.

  8. aww, fun pictures! Makes me miss Shangai and I've never been.

  9. Great pictures! I love Chinese food, but I have yet to hear a Chinese pop band... the Japanese ones are pretty good though.

  10. really great post!