16 October 2009


I always thought Shabu Shabu and Yogurtland were healthy alternatives to restaurants and ice cream shops!?

Yesterday a friend and I decided to return to one of out favorite restaurants we hadn't been to in a year or so, a couple cities away for some delicious and what we thought was healthy Shabu Shabu. We calculated and figured-how bad could boiling paper thin meat and vegetables in water be?? I will admit we were served a bowl of rice with our meals and 5-7 thick udon noodles; but nevertheless I thought I would leave with a belly full of healthy, low calorie foods.

Literally next door to Shabu Shabu is Yogurtland. If you're unfamiliar, it's only the BEST yogurt shop I have ever come across. It has oodles of flavors, toppings like mocci, and mango and is self serve :) *happy* My favorite combination (which I also was under the impression was healthy) is plain tart yogurt, fresh cut strawberries, raspberries and a spoon full of coconut flakes.
I mean howww many calories can that be??? Not enough to tip the scale right???

Maybe it was the combination of Shabu Shabu and yogurt that did me in; but when I woke up this morning and feared the scale I was a solid pound heavier :( :( :(

What am I doing wrong? Am I confused or in denial about the calories in these foods? Any knowledge or advice would be lovely! xx

Have a great weekend <3


  1. I don't mean this to sound rude, but it could just be water weight. You could just be retaining water.

    I found this on answers.com:

    you'd have to consume 3200 calories beyond what you burn in a day to gain a pound of fat.

    I doubt that you did :-)

    I hope this helps! :-)

  2. I love shabu shabu we have it here too!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  3. mmmmm that shabu shabu looks yummy!


  4. Hi chick thanks for following me :) Im sooo jealous you live in OC lol cute blog BTW xoxo

  5. Aww don't worry I can eat nothing but salad and vegies for the day and weigh myself the next morning and be 1 kg/pound more than I did before- yet eat junk food and have lost weight! I don't get it either, it's unfair I know that!!!!

  6. On a side not, that all looks absolutely amazing!

    As for the extra pound, it's probably just water weight, so no worries. If it was 5 pounds, that'd be a different story! :)

  7. omg, both are amazing!!! I'm sure it's not from the food, and hopefully you're back to your normal weight now!

  8. That food looks amazing... I think I've just gained a pound just by looking at it! I'm sure your extra pound is just water weight.

  9. I love Shabu Shabu and Yougurtland!! My two faves!! I dunno if you could consume enough to gain a whole lb, everything in moderation so u dont have to give it up :)

  10. I love your blog! So cute! I am officially a new follower!

  11. Hun you shouldn't be weighing yourself everyday! As long as you're healthy you shouldn't worry about being an exact weight.

  12. oh goodness, don't worry!!
    There's no way what you eat the night before would already register as a solid pound weight gain in the morning!!
    Also, experts say you should only weigh yourself once every 2 weeks as us women tend to lose and gain weight (up to a couple of pounds a time) regularly. It's what you even out at that is the main thing.By the way, i just found your videos on youtube and your blog and you have totally inspired me to lose weight and get healthy. (But you have speeded up my desire for the Chanel bag, hahaahaha)

  13. 3500 extra calories that you dont burn off makes a pound. normal people will burn 60 calories a hour just sleeping. so you are probably eating too much salt which absorbs water.