30 November 2009


Happy Monday!
I recently decided I would love to incorporate a few pieces of Vivienne Westwood jewelry into my collection/wardrobe. I just love the uniqueness and boldness of her jewelry line and think it has more character and edginess than other designer's lines do. I first came across Westwood's jewelry a couple years back while vacationing in Japan. I kind of fell in love with one of her rings, and came close to snatching it up but decided to invest in a Samantha Thavassa handbag instead. I want to find out where her jewelry is sold in California so I can try some pieces on and decide what I need! 

26 November 2009


It's the day to give thanks...and EAT of course! I hope everyone has a fantastic day filled with family and fabulous holiday food! I'll leave you with some Thanksgiving Day photos to get you excited for today's festivities! 
Happy Thanksgiving!

25 November 2009


I decided to save the best for last of my "What I'm Thankful For" themed posts.
I am truly thankful to be an American.  One of the largest reasons why I am able to live the life I live, have the family I have and be the person I am is because I was born an American. I am thankful every day for the opportunities and freedoms I am given everyday becuase of the greatness of this country.


23 November 2009


Good Morning! Today is the second day of my "What I'm Thankful For" themed postings, where I'll post something I'm TRULY thankful for and something FUN in which I'm thankful for. 
When looking back on my 25 years, and thinking on what I am thankful and grateful for, so many things come to mind but one in particular is the opportunity I was given to Study Abroad while interning and working towards my Masters degree. I lived, studied and worked in Shanghai, China for a year....One of the best years of my life. If I were younger, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Now for something fun I am thankful for...Living in southern California and driving my Audi TT convertible with the top down on sunny days down Pacific Coast Highway. This has to be one of my favorite things to do and always cheers me up, no matter how down I am! I just love driving through beautiful areas near my home to meet friends (or alone) for Starbucks or an outdoor cafe lunch and a quick gym session. Happiness.


   With Thanksgiving being closer than around the corner, it's really starting to feel like the holidays are here! Unfortunately, in Southern California the seasons don't have much variation, and we only really start feeling the holidays approaching when shopping centers start decorating with Christmas lights, Starbucks changes to red holiday cups, the occasional Christmas song is played on the radio and when we're lucky...the weather cools a few degrees. I adore the holidays but always think it sprints by rather than lulls around :( 
   I decided that in the spirit of the holidays and with Thanksgiving being on Thursday, I'll dedicate my blog to sharing what I'm thankful for by posting something i'm TRULY thankful for and something FUN that I'm thankful for. 
   I hope some of you write posts about what your thankful for too! It would be exciting to see what everyone appreciates and can't live without!
What I am most thankful for, and I'm sure would be at the top of many of your lists too is my FAMILY...For everything they have given me,  taught me, shown me and loved me. I include my puppies in the family category because they're family but just have a little more fur than we do;)

I honestly couldn't live without my MACBOOK PRO (and having a pretty pink lucite cover doesn't make me love it any less...) I got it a little over two years ago, a couple weeks before I left to study abroad for the year (it proved to be my lifesaver and sane-keeper). It has never failed me, and thought it sounds strange, we have been through a lot together! Love you Macbook <3

20 November 2009


Chandeliers placed as focal points in bedrooms make for such a luxe, elegant look; but are costly and difficult to install. I was excited when I came across this faux chandelier applique that totally gives a similar feel to that of a pricey chandelier (minus the light). I'm excited to choose a place for it on my bedroom walls and put it up this weekend. I'll post pictures of the final result next week!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Can you tell which chandeliers are the real thing?

18 November 2009


I'm not going to lie, when I heard about the Louboutin Manicure it sounded fabulous ... until I saw the photos.

Though a fun idea in theory, when executed the final product looks overly harsh and Goth to me. I can't even think of a celebrity who could pull it off without looking like she's joined the dark side. 

Would any of you ladies sport this look?

16 November 2009


It seems to me that Tokyo's popish charm has moved into the heart of LA... 

Can this be true? 

I recently came across this completely unique and totally 'me' cafe/ art gallery called Royal/T, in an LA focused magazine. I forgot to give it the in depth research it deserved until I was reminded when I came across another article about it only today. I found that recently they have hosted some fabulous themed parties, one of which was a celebration of Hello Kitty's 35th birthday which lasted nearly all of last month. Unfortunately (as I type this with tears in my eyes) I missed all of the festivities that included weeks of parties with Hello Kitty inspired cocktails, finger foods, decorations, one of a kind goody bags and meet and greets with artists and founders... I am definitely going to have my eyes open for Royal/T's next party that tickles my fancy (however, im sure any party they decide to put on will be of interest to me!) Take a look at the photos I found scattered through the web and enjoy...and let me know if anyone hears of their next party, but i'll be checking their calendar as well!