30 December 2009


With tomorrow being new years eve, I thought I'd show you how I plan on wearing my makeup and the products I used to achieve the look. I promise, it was very easy...I just added a bit more black eyeliner and smudge than usual, a deep red-matte lipstick and dramatic false black lashes. I loosely curled my hair,clipped on a pair of vintage rhinestone earrings and voila! 
Is everyone excited to celebrate and ready for a brand new year?!

29 December 2009


With NYE only a couple days away, I'm sure everyone has at least an idea of what You want to wear as we ring in the new year! I definitely want to wear a sequins piece of some sort, whether it's the clothes or accessories...all while not having to spend too much. Like always, I'm very impressed with Forever 21's selection of sequins and plan on stopping by tomorrow after work to try on a dress or two. And because everything I posted is under $30, I can justify buying something that I'll most likely only wear once. For me, it's either going to be the leather skirt and sequins booties or a loose, un-clingy sequins dress paired with patent heels :) Have you chosen your NYE look yet?

28 December 2009


It's back to the grind this week but at least we have New Years Eve to look forward to! Though I'm not the best at keeping new years eve resolutions, I still think it's good to try to incorporate resolutions into your life to help better yourself, even if you cant remember to be great all the time :)  After reading hundreds of strangers new year resolutions, I compiled a top 10 of the ones I thought were best. They aren't listed in any particular order and I think they are all noteworthy resolutions!

1. Loose 10 lbs or keep off weight you've lost in the past year. 
2. Start and finish a semi intense DIY project.
3. Read a big book. 
4. Get yourself into a workout routine that you love. 
5. Save for something you've been wanting (whether its a trip or those heels you dream about.)
6. Cut or color your hair. Try something different than usual for the new year.
7. Promise to say or do one nice thing for someone once a day. 
8. Drink as close as you can to 8 glasses of water a day. 
9. Go to church or do a relevant bible study at home. 
10. Get organized; buy a planner and some pretty storage boxes to clean up your mind and home. 

NYE 2009

24 December 2009


A few weeks ago I blogged about a chandelier wall decal I purchased for my bedroom. This evening, after wrapping Christmas gifts, I finally found the time to put it up. I decided a little off centered from the middle of my bed looked just about perfect, and am so pleased with the results. I thought the application was going to be much more difficult than it ended up being, and was surprised at how simple and how quickly I managed to get it up. I just love the romantic yet edgy feel it gives against my dusty pink and white striped accent wall! I <3 DIYs!
Here is a picture of the finished product....What do you think?

23 December 2009


Though there's really no rhyme or reason to the correlation of these photos...Sometimes I just like posting an entry of photos I saved from over the years that make me smile and happy every time I look at them :)   

22 December 2009


Pretty Ballerinas are my newest shoe obsession. I would just love to get my hands on a pair, especially the square toed in quilted black or light blush pink...please :)

21 December 2009


Your Louis Vuitton just became a little more special with the option for hand painted personalization. I've seen a few women with their personalized speedys over the past year and think the painted monograms and matching stripe really makes the bag outstanding. Though speedys are classic and will never, ever go out of style, the personalization options really transform them from semi blah to WOW! I would love a personalized Louis Vuitton but haven't really done enough research as to the color combination and handbag i'd want printed. I'd love my monogramed handbag to come adorned with about 10 dangling charms from the handles as well...like the girl's below. Her bag looks good enough to eat...Simply gorgeous! 

18 December 2009


I heard through Swedish friends and family that the Swedish princess (one of my role models) was featured on the cover of the Swedish Elle this month. Princess Madeline, Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland recently announced her engagement to her longterm boyfriend Jonas Bergstrom in August of this year. She is truly a role model to all girls and women, not only because she's a real life princess but because of all her achievements,  her lifestyle, beauty and grace.  

I'm especially excited for the weekend to be here because my family is hosting our annual Christmas party tonight! I'm excited to start preparing the menu tomorrow with my mom! Wish us luck, and I'll post pictures of the cocktails, appetizers and of course my ensemble next week! 
Have a great last weekend before Christmas everyone!

17 December 2009


Can you believe there's such thing as healthy Chinese take out? 
I was so excited when I found how little calories were in wonton soup and brown rice (if properly portioned out...) One cup of wonton soup with 2 dumplings, 2 shrimp, 2 pieces of chicken breast, broccoli, water chestnuts and mushrooms is 120 calories and one small take out carton of brown rice is aprox 200 calories :) After a long day, when i'm too tired to cook this is a perfect and completely satisfying meal!

15 December 2009


Im absolutely in love with these clothbound classics published by Penguin. I think they would look lovely sitting on my bookshelf or in anyones library and am thinking about buying one at a time to eventually complete a collection of my own. Though they are about double in cost in comparison to a plainly printed classic, these clothbound editions are just so much more special! I ordered one as a Christmas present for a book lover in my family, and think She'll just love it!  

14 December 2009


Everyone loves the idea and ease of one stop shopping all while still finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. I absolutely love Anthropologie and can always seem to find something for all the special women in my life there! Everything they carry is just gorgeous and of excellent quality...from their home goods to their accessories and clothes. Here are a few adorable items I chose from their website that I thought would be perfect little sticking stuffers this christmas. 

12 December 2009


I've promised myself that I'll find a pair of these fabulous, sold-out booties...and they will be mine! I am slightly obsessed and definitely in love with these hot little numbers :D
Santa...Are you listening?

11 December 2009




09 December 2009


Metallics have stolen my heart this season and it seems like most of the room in my closet as well! Most everything I have been attracted to lately has some sort of metallic embellishment or shimmery shine of some kind! I just love how glitzy and glamy everything is this year! Here are some pieces I came across and fell in love with.