02 May 2010


For those of you who follow my youtube channel, thank you so much for the advice and suggestions as to whether or not I should exchange my lambskin not-so-powder pink jumbo flap for the caviar almond jumbo flap. 
Here are photos of my handbag, and as you can see, its NOT a pretty pink. 
I'm almost angry that Chanel would try to pull this and send a bag that is clearly not the same powder pink saw. They must have known and seen that it was either a floor model and touched too much or put in a window where the sun and elements might have damaged it.
...Am I color blind? This is NOT pink...
Here is the almond color in caviar with gold hardware that I will be exchanging it for...
You can tell that the caviar leather, though nowhere near as supple as the lambskin will hold its shape and true color much better. 

I received the prettiest lacey sac with lots of gorgeous lipsticks, gloss and eye products from a subscriber and friend! Thank you Reena! <3


  1. I´m so sorry that the bag is not that one you want! I hope you can return that without problems.

  2. I hate it when you're excited about something and it turns out to be a dissapointment! Hope they let you switch it :)

  3. That's a shame about the powder pink bag. It's still very pretty - but looks very smilar in colour to the caviar leather one. x

  4. Sorry that the bag wasn't what you wanted it to be. I recommend you exchange it, the almond is very cute and I like caviar better. For the money you spent, don't keep a bag you feel may be damaged.


  5. Alex Hi, the caviar leather is much better by far..send it back, its an expensive bag and u deserve the best!!ok i have a question: u bought it from the Chanel boutique right?also there is a girl with the following link http://www.onefifthavenueprincess.blogspot.com/
    she knows a lot about chanel bags (you 2 are my favorite blogs) and you can ask her..take care..

  6. Hey hon, wow that bag is stunning even if there's a problem with the colour! Hope you get the one you want in the end. I'm guessing you've had it before but I've nominated you for the sunshine blogger award cos I really like your blog! You're so beautiful and make gorgeous jewellery so your posts always inspire me and your hamster is just too cute!

    Gem x


  7. Bummer, sorry about the bag and hope you get it all figured out!

  8. ok, so weird little story :)

    long before I had my own blog I came across your blog via someones fb...really dont remember who, but must have been someone from back when I lived in SoCal (Laguna Niguel) and they had your blog linked. I loved it sooo so much, especially the amazing cell-cover stuck in my head! For some reason I didn't jot down the name of your blog and have been trying to find it ever since then and then.... TODAY pixie dust commented on my blog, I went over to check hers out and BOOOM there was a picture of the cell-cover and a link to your blog!!! My heart seriously just skipped a little :) anyways, this time around I didn't wait a second to follow you and now I can always check back!

    haha ok, I've been rambling on, just super happy about finding your blog again!!

    have a fab sunday, xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  9. I have a black Chanel 2.55 in lambskin leather and now I regret the fact that I didn't buy it in caviar leather...
    Lamskin scratches very easily and you see ever little spot on it!

    x Krizia


  10. lol I've never found someone else with the exact spelling of my name! This made my day!