18 November 2010


I'm sure by now, many of you know I have an unhealthy obsession with everything cute and Asian related....I have loved Hello Kitty since I was very young and more recently have visited her "home" called Puro Land and met her in Tokyo, Japan! My parents tell me stories of taking me to the Sanrio store at three years and letting me pick out her adorable trinkets....
I blame them for my infatuation ;) 
This year is Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary and Sanrio has been hosting meet and greets with Kogi trucks, mini carnivals, fun art exhibits and theme parties all over the country. 
When I first heard of the Hello Kitty 80's themed prom, I honestly thought it was a prank. No way, would there ever be anything so fab! 
But it's true! 
And it's this Saturday! 
I need help though! What should I wear? I dont want to spend a fortune on an outfit that I'll only wear once but want to look super Kitty and cute, ya know? 
Ideas, suggestions? 
P.S. Are any of you going???


  1. You must to an outfit of the day on whatever you decide to wear!!!! :)

  2. This sounds awesome!!! Take tons of pictures and share with us please :)

    You should definitely have an outrageous big pink bow on your head!!! hahaha

  3. How about a new pink dress with tights and neutral bootie shoes?

  4. me and my friends were thinking about going, but instead we went to the I <3 Nerds party instead. It was definitely fun! ENJOY! :D

  5. I never did realize that Sanrio is in 50 years of bringing joy to kids. Hope to attend this party, and be in a pretty pink dress.

  6. maybe a cute pink bow in your hair (matchs to your pink bow ring) or tiara... pearl-chain: add an hello-kitty lavaliere
    , draw a little black dot on your nose and on your cheeks some lines as whiskers ;) glitter nails, lollipop as an accessoire, candy colours, ''iron-pictures'' to spice up a simple shirt... :-)

  7. not sure if you want to brave the lines but a Lanvin for H&M dress would be perfect for an 80s prom! check out the pink one:

  8. Hi Alex!! Here's a message for you <3 http://kimxtine.tumblr.com/post/1621223359/hrh-collection-i-wish-i-were-in-cali-with-you

  9. I think I saw this in my town (Austin, TX) on Friday. It was some huge event with a HK truck and tents!!!

    I just found you on youtube & your blog. I absolutely love your style & personality! I think you've definitely given me a lot of inspiration!!!!


    (Be back soon! XO)

  10. OMG... I saw you with your bf there!! I read your blog but didn't know you were going to be there. I was going to say hi but was shy. I should have because I once had someone notice me because of my nail blog and was super happy! You are gorgeous. loved your outfit. a small world though. I watch your YouTube videos with my bf and he kept telling me to say hi.

  11. PS choppy sentences because I'm writing this on my phone in case I forget. Take care!

  12. i would love to see some outfits (everyday not prom!)! for example with your beautiful camel blazer by zara.. or how about a special for all the people who live in the cold areas of the world (e.g.: stylish-winter-outfits!) :-) would be amazing... + haul!!! =) =) thank you!!!