28 November 2010


I am in dire need of barstools for my kitchen.
I haven't been able to find exactly what I am dreaming about yet and refuse to settle. I think I am imagining these actually exist, but what I want are Louis ghost chairs with long legs, making them high enough to be barstools.
 I've searched for "ghost barstools", "Louis barstools" and a like combination of the words...But can't seem to find what I'm looking for. 
 The only thing I have seen that is close, is the "Kong barstool". This chair is totally out of my price range, is slightly a different shape than I am looking for and is not lucite but 
Please let me know if you come across long legged Louis ghost chairs in the near future so I don't have to settle with plain ghost stools(seen in the last photo of this post)...
This is the Ghost Chair I am praying I can find with long legs...
This is the Kong Barstool:

These are the Ghost Barstools I will have to settle on if I find that Louis stye ones were only something I dreamt up:


  1. http://www.cb2.com/family.aspx?c=11023&f=4967

    bar stools with chrome legs and a square acrylic seat. it is not quite conforming but it still has a nice look it.

  2. I've had a look, and can only find the non-backed version myself, but most bar stools don't have backs anyway. :S Good luck in your quest though!

  3. They have some bar stools on hautelook.com you will have to sign up for the website if you have not already. The stools won't be there forever they get different vendors all of the time but if you go there and look under living the bar stools are under lumisource. I hope you can find some here, I'm not totally sure it's exactly what you're looking for but they have some very stylish and unique bar stools. I hope this helps!

  4. hautelook.com has a sale going on bar stools and chairs, you should check it out

  5. The Current Custom has some in their store(I think) if not they may be able to order them for you.

  6. I can see why you're on the hunt. That stool is amazing!

  7. How about asking Lorraine her family sells it I'm sure they can order it for you

  8. Hello sweet girl! I am an interior designer from Greece and love these kind of chairs myself so here are some proposals you might like:
    The closest thing to what you have in mind is probably the Kong bar stool(Emeco). You might also like the Tiffany acrylic bar stool. They are both quite pricy! Finally, your other choice is http://www.acrylicinnovations.com, a company that specializes in custom designed acrylic furnitures!!! So you will have the bar stool you have dreamed of!!! Hope I helped....
    Here is my new beauty blog, I will be happy to see you there!!!

  9. Hello Miss, Ive seen them in my eBay travels - an Australian seller so they do exist!

  10. hi! the original ghost chair was made by Philipe Starck.. so you might want to try searching for him!

  11. Alex! My name is Alex too! I am a new follower of your blog and a big fan! I will definitely keep my eye out for bar stools of this style.


    You inspired me to make my own blog!
    But I am a mom blogger.
    Take care!

  12. http://www.lifeinteriors.com.au/_product_17395/Replica_Kong_Bar_Stool

    still not lucite, but not as plain as the other ones! Good luck :)

  13. http://www.mattblatt.com.au/Replica-Stools/Replica-Philippe-Starck-Kong-Polished-Stainless-Steel-Stool.aspx?p5463c135

  14. hey take a look at this barstool maybe this is what you are looking for http://www.lexingtonmodern.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=av-BS-LANG-BAR-ALU

  15. http://www.younghouselove.com/

    Check out Young House Love's post from Dec. 1. They are sharing decoration inspiration and they have a picture scanned from Better Homes and Gardens with stools that you may be looking for. Hope this may help in picturing what you are looking for or somehow lead you to your dream stools!

  16. Hi Alex!
    Did you find what you were looking for? The Ghoast chairs are made by am Italian company named Kartell. You could look at their homepage and especially in the catalogue: http://www.yoox.com/kartell/subhome.asp/dept/kartell/tskay/B84CE7A2
    However I thing the Kong barstool might be what you have seen. It is designed by the same designer as Goast, Phillip Starck: http://www.emeco.net/department/barstools.html
    If you don't find a barstool Kartell has alot of other really nice things.

  17. i'm so glad that there is another person looking for this exact thing! i have been browsing the net for ghost kong stools n alas nothing yet! just want to know if u have been lucky, if so can u share it pls! thank you so much!


  18. http://www.lexingtonmodern.com/Aluminum-Ghost-Bar-Stool-p/541-slv.htm

    similar, but in a nice aluminum finish for a newer look! hope this helps :)

  19. i was searching for the same thing and found nothing aside from custom creations that were beyond my budget and i was between settling for a kong or the squared back styles you find at stores like cb2. then i found the "Mushroom Bar stool, clear" that made more sense for my design ideas. i think its a good choice if custom isn't an option for you or anyone on this blog looking. good luck! http://www.Lexingtonmodern.com/Ice-Cream-Bar-Stool-in-Black-p/534-clr.htm

  20. I'm so glad I found this! I guess it existed in my mind only as well. The aluminum version could work, but they should make the acrylic in a barstool! Should exist!
    PS great blog!

  21. Hi everyone

    I am sorry to turn up to this conversation late! In every sense (it is 1am where I am!)

    But I have also been looking too!

    And I think I have come across this:


    They seem to have a minimum order of ten, so if anyone wants to jump in so that we can make up an order, let me know!

    With best wishes



  22. The barstool does exist... it is called 'one more' there is one with a square back called 'one more please' as well. However, they do not have arms.