06 December 2010


I am so happy many of you are as interested as I am in not only fashion design but interior design as well! Because now I can share my second biggest obsession with you!
In my last video I gave you a small peek into my living room and though it isn't anywhere near finished, I still thought I would share some of my notable finds along the way. 
I have an extra large coffee table I use for a workspace, dining table, desk and coffee table. 
My apartment is a "Jr. one bedroom", meaning its lacking a dining area and therefore I decided on a large multifunctional coffee table. 
I displayed some pretty things that are also functional. 
Black lacquer Chinese style box: Keeps finished jewelry orders ready to be packaged and shipped. Jonathan Adler's adorable elephant christmas ornament sits atop...(which i will be leaving out year round)... Thank you mommy! 
Bottega Louie tart box: Holds note pads, pens and other small items I use regularly.
Light blue retro ash tray: Found at a flea market for a few dollars. (I don't smoke but it's a pretty piece). Designer matches and pink sea urchin shells from The Royal Hawaiian hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii inside. 
Long silver pinged tray: Purchased from Walmart. Holds Trina Turk coasters and a pretty note pad.
MacBook Pro: One of my most beloved and trusty pieces. Ever. 
My new white sheepskin rug. 
I found this suppppppper fluffy and lush rug at Marshalls for around $25. I've seen similar ones at Ikea but this one is much better quality. 
 This weekend I went to various garage and estate sales with my mom.
I found these little gems:
A set of 5 wicker accented juice glasses from the 1970's for $5.
A set of 8 mini glass lunch/ snack plates with matching tea cups for $10.    
A Tiffany blue and gold dessert tray that will be used to store and display jewelry. 
*I also found two barstools for $5 each which I am going to be spray painting silver...Photos to come!
I showed you my little table find from a thrift store in my last video. I decided to make its home as a side table next to my couch, $3. 
I love it!


  1. Great! Keep telling my friends about you!! Yay!

  2. Beautiful post!you have such individual and great style!love your posts!

  3. I always look forward to new blog posts of yours. This is so gorgeous, given me lots of ideas! Cannot wait for the apartment tour! xx

  4. I love it. That black lacquer box is stunning!

  5. The sheepskin looks so cozy!! Love your interior design style as much as your fashion style :)))

  6. looks awesome!!! cant wait to see the entire tour

  7. You are inspiring me so much! I appreciate you taking the time to treasure hunt vintage!



  8. It's starting to look very fabulous and uber chic. I bet you're having a blast finding all your treasures.

  9. I'm a new subscriber to your youtube channel and also have been reading your past blog entries and I just LOVE your style. You're such an inspiration for me and I love that because I've been stuck in such a rut lately.

    And I also must say your jewelry is something I've been drooling over. I've been slipping my boyfriend hints for christmas.

  10. I love all the white, it's so fresh & clean, looking forward to an apartment tour xx

  11. :) Love all the items. Can't wait to see an apartment tour with everything all together.

  12. everything so cute and chic! love it.
    heres some barstools on hautelook, whihc i like to browse everyday: http://www.hautelook.com/event/modernclassics4792hf

  13. I love the white sofa with the black coffee table with white items on top.

  14. So cute! I bet your apartment is beautiful :)

  15. you need to do an apartment tour soon! I just got my first apartment and I can't wait to decorate and I need inspiration from you!

  16. Where is that mirror from, the tall looking white one? :-).

  17. I adore your style. <3 I'll be getting my own apartment soon, and I can tell you now... I'm so inspired by your recent posts - I cannot wait to decorate it. I was planning on hiring a decorater, or some kind of a "professional" help, but this seems much more fun! Pardon my bad English. ^^ Greetings from Europe. <3 xoxo

  18. You really have nice things , I love the sheepskin rug , it's so cute . I'm planning on posting some photos of my room as soon as I finish it.