12 December 2010


I haven't been to the Rose Bowl flea market in a year or so and had forgotten how incredibly trendy it's become. I never thought, or have ever seen anyone dress up for a flea market but apparently I was wrong...I wore my track shoes, yoga pants, hair up in a high bun and a grey tank top(That's normal, right?). 
Girls were dressed in their best vintage - hight waisted Levi shorts, sling Louis V bags, heeled cowboy boots, frilly floral sun dresses and shoulder padded sweaters.
Interior designers and design hawks could be spotted a mile away and the vendors who knew they'd be there flock to this apparent cash cow, monthly event to soak them dry.
It seemed that most of the vendors were collectors themselves, buy and restore vintage pieces to sell or know exactly what pieces (treasures) they're selling and exactly what to price them as. 
This all makes it really difficult to score on a great piece!
Pictured below, a shag seated, gold bamboo legged vanity stool immediately stood out to me. I SO wanted to get my hands on it, replace the horendus orange shag with white or cream shag-like material and make it my new desk chair. I asked the vendor how much he was asking for it and was shocked when he said that he wouldn't take less than $150. Yes, it's an adorable little piece of retro and I would have loved it but this is a 
Next, as many of you know, I'm looking for a cow hide rug. A vendor had a few, one of which was the prefect size and color. His price was $250. I WAS SHOCKED and I'm not going to lie, irratated. Ikea is selling them for $200, new. How on earth did he think I was going to hand over $250 for a USED rug, which I would have to have professionally cleaned as well? 
All and all, I most likely will not be going back to the Rose Bowl as often as I thought I would have to start collecting for my home. I've had MUCH better luck at thrift stores and estate sales.
Have any CA girls out there been to the Rose Bowl in the past few years and experienced the same thing? Which flea markets do you have better luck with?
LOOOOOOK at this super, extra, over the top, gorgeous, XL Goyard trunk. I didn't even ask the price. But its fabulousness nearly brought me to tears ;) 
This mirrored framed print from the 40s or 50s. 
It's all original, and not only do I love Cockatoos, but it was in it's beautiful and original mirrored frame. The colors are perfect, and not at all faded! 
Luckily I caught this vendor as she was packing up for the day and asked her price. She told me $100 but would do $70 because it was the end of her day. She wouldn't take $50 but I really wanted it  and knew it would fit perfectly in my home so I gave her the asking price. 
But I LOVE it and it really looks amazing above my couch. 
I LOVE vintage Pyrex storage and cookware from the 60s and have a few pieces. They're durable, pretty, multi- functional and Tupperware is SO ugly in comparison. 
The key is to find ones with the original lids. Ones without lids can be found for a couple dollars, but who wants something with a missing lid? Here is just another example of how marked up everything is at the Rose Bowl...
Both pieces above are from the same brand, with original lids and aprox. the same size. I purchased the one on the left for $1 at an estate sale and I purchased the one right at the Rose Bowl for $10. 
I had to have it though.....They look adorable together and even though $10 was more than I should have paid, it was still inexpensive. 


  1. I love vintage Pyrex too. I thought I was the only one!!

  2. WOW, crazy prices! Too bad. Estate sales are the way to go!

  3. what fabulous finds! i love shopping estate sales-i feel like everything is priced lower because it all has to go, unlike flea markets where they can always sell it next weekend. I like the teal pyrex!

  4. I need to get out there and find some estate sales in my area! You have some great finds!! :)

  5. I rrrreally love the print in the mirrored frame, it looks kind of art deco, which is my favourite period. Good find! Shame it was all such a rip job & you didnt find more! x

  6. love your finds but I'm totally with you on the prices...that's insane! I know little designer boutiques in Vienna where you could get stools and such for the same price...NEW!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  7. Oh! I love all of your turquoise...the milky glass, the pyrex, the mirrored frame. so 50's and so so lovely.

    - Lisa

  8. Talking about shopping....
    I have to thank you so much for the jewellery! The package arrived so fast and everything was just like I aspected it!!I'm so happy and I wanted to thank you!

  9. The Rose Bowl has been known to be way overpriced for a while now, not to mention the ridiculous price to get in. I def was disappointed last time I went. IVC in Irvine has a small one that is free and pet friendly, and Long Beach is supposed to be pretty good as well.

  10. Love the colours and patterns on the perspex storage, keep posting photos of your finds.

  11. Thanks for sharing!!! It was just wonderful to spend some quality time with your mom!! : ) bye nikki b.

  12. I do agree the Rose Bowl Flea Market furniture is very marked up. I usually go for cool jewelry and I actually have bought some cute clothes for a good price. If you want a flea market with amazing furniture at a good price there is a great one in Long Beach and one in Irvine. :)

  13. awww it sucks that prices were so expensive there! better luck at the thrift store! :) I hope you finish decorating your place soon and do a home tour :) but i understand it'll take quite some time to make it nice! heehee I absolutely adore your style!

  14. I see Louis Vuitton! I want another Speedy so badddddd.

  15. Ah, that stool would've been gorgeous with white shag. Definitely overpriced but I think I would've paid that much anyway!