29 December 2010


I wanted to post some still shots of my new Christian Louboutin heels after I shared them on my video
They're called the "Pigalle Point- Toe Pumps", with 4" heels. After much debate I decided on this pair because they're truly  classic and an essential pair of pumps I can keep in my collection forever, without having to worry about them going out of style. This style comes in 4'' or 3 3/4" heels. It took me a while of walking around in them in the store and staring at my feet in the mirror to make my decision. 
The 3 3/4'' were SO much easier to walk in but the 4'' were seriously so much prettier, I had to go with those. 
My new CL's will be worn often, both casual and dressy and in all settings!
{Below are the 4''}
{Below are the 3 3/4''}
Can you tell the difference? 
I totally could and even though the shorter heeled pair were much easier to walk in, to me, the tiiiiiiny bit of height made a world of difference.

28 December 2010


I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!
I had a lovely time with my close family.
Lot's of eating, chatting and exchanging gifts, always such a fun time:)
I saw this silver twig floor lamp at Z Gallerie a few weeks ago and haven't stopped thinking about it since. 
Not only is is going to look perfect in my home, but it was reasonably priced!
 Today I stopped in and ordered one, YAY! 
Also, I asked Santa for a large Zebra printed cowhide rug and he totally came through!
 My new rug and lamp are going to look stellar together!  

24 December 2010


Thank you SO much for all the support and friendships I have made this past year! 
May your day be extra merry and bright! 
Love, Alex
{Shau Shu exploring the Christmas tree}

21 December 2010



I hope everyone is ready for Christmas! 
I was tidying up last night, organizing things I've recently shopped, putting away groceries and ended up with this gathered, random jumble of pretty things.  
Cute, so I wanted to share :) 

<3 These $1 socks from Target that come in the most adorable patterns and colors.
<3 Revlon’s new retro red lipstick in a replica of an original Revlon tube. Pretty!
<3 I Just found out that one of the local Asian supermarkets carries the Chinese white bread I used to eat when I lived in Shanghai!
<3 Swedish Skin’s Anti-Aging Eye Cream. Seriously love this little miracle in a bottle!
<3 I have this weird thing where I can’t write prettily with anything other than a fine inked pen. My favorites are the ones by Morning Glory in 0.5 and 0.3 ink...how adorable are these three I chose? And couldn’t resist the  cute little pink cloud eraser…
<3 My Le Disco, Le Petite Disco and Pop Cameo necklaces! 

15 December 2010


...The "WISH FOR" Bracelet...
My first time using a copper color chain, and I'm really liking it!
-Spike, bullet charms in copper, gunmetal and brushed gold.
-Double sided black and taupe Swarovski crystal. 
-Large and small feather charms in silver.
-Rugged heart shaped key charm.
-Dangling, delicate copper chains of different lengths. 
I don't have this piece listed on my Etsy yet, and may not because its very time consuming. 
I may only decide to make a few.
...We'll see...
Email me if you're interested: hrhcollection@gmail.com

13 December 2010


I Love the month of December, Christmas time and the winter holidays, in general! Everything is so pretty, festive, the foods are delish, the weather is cold and the clothes are adorable! 
This weekend I decorated my mini tree! 
At the Christmas tree lot I noticed a pile of trees that were ready to be thrown out or chopped up. 
 .So sad. 
They reminded me of the Biblical Disney movie "The small one". (OMG So sad, Im tearing up thinking about it!)
Poor trees, I decided to choose one from the group...
I wanted a small tree (for my small apartment) but all of the trees in the pile that weren't going to sell were quite large. I asked them to cut the top portion from a larger tree to make a smaller tree for me. 
Im glad I was able to use some of a tree that would have otherwise been thrown out. 
I don't have any ornaments yet, only lights and a small iradescent star.  
I love when malls are beautifully decorated for Christmas! 
One of my favorite things to do in December is bundle up for some evening shopping and late dinner amongst all the festive decor.
Here is a photo from a gorgeously done outdoor mall in LA.

12 December 2010


I haven't been to the Rose Bowl flea market in a year or so and had forgotten how incredibly trendy it's become. I never thought, or have ever seen anyone dress up for a flea market but apparently I was wrong...I wore my track shoes, yoga pants, hair up in a high bun and a grey tank top(That's normal, right?). 
Girls were dressed in their best vintage - hight waisted Levi shorts, sling Louis V bags, heeled cowboy boots, frilly floral sun dresses and shoulder padded sweaters.
Interior designers and design hawks could be spotted a mile away and the vendors who knew they'd be there flock to this apparent cash cow, monthly event to soak them dry.
It seemed that most of the vendors were collectors themselves, buy and restore vintage pieces to sell or know exactly what pieces (treasures) they're selling and exactly what to price them as. 
This all makes it really difficult to score on a great piece!
Pictured below, a shag seated, gold bamboo legged vanity stool immediately stood out to me. I SO wanted to get my hands on it, replace the horendus orange shag with white or cream shag-like material and make it my new desk chair. I asked the vendor how much he was asking for it and was shocked when he said that he wouldn't take less than $150. Yes, it's an adorable little piece of retro and I would have loved it but this is a 
Next, as many of you know, I'm looking for a cow hide rug. A vendor had a few, one of which was the prefect size and color. His price was $250. I WAS SHOCKED and I'm not going to lie, irratated. Ikea is selling them for $200, new. How on earth did he think I was going to hand over $250 for a USED rug, which I would have to have professionally cleaned as well? 
All and all, I most likely will not be going back to the Rose Bowl as often as I thought I would have to start collecting for my home. I've had MUCH better luck at thrift stores and estate sales.
Have any CA girls out there been to the Rose Bowl in the past few years and experienced the same thing? Which flea markets do you have better luck with?
LOOOOOOK at this super, extra, over the top, gorgeous, XL Goyard trunk. I didn't even ask the price. But its fabulousness nearly brought me to tears ;) 
This mirrored framed print from the 40s or 50s. 
It's all original, and not only do I love Cockatoos, but it was in it's beautiful and original mirrored frame. The colors are perfect, and not at all faded! 
Luckily I caught this vendor as she was packing up for the day and asked her price. She told me $100 but would do $70 because it was the end of her day. She wouldn't take $50 but I really wanted it  and knew it would fit perfectly in my home so I gave her the asking price. 
But I LOVE it and it really looks amazing above my couch. 
I LOVE vintage Pyrex storage and cookware from the 60s and have a few pieces. They're durable, pretty, multi- functional and Tupperware is SO ugly in comparison. 
The key is to find ones with the original lids. Ones without lids can be found for a couple dollars, but who wants something with a missing lid? Here is just another example of how marked up everything is at the Rose Bowl...
Both pieces above are from the same brand, with original lids and aprox. the same size. I purchased the one on the left for $1 at an estate sale and I purchased the one right at the Rose Bowl for $10. 
I had to have it though.....They look adorable together and even though $10 was more than I should have paid, it was still inexpensive. 

09 December 2010


I'm pretty excited for this weekend. It's definitely going to be jam packed and two days is reallllly not enough, but I'll have to make it all fit. 
The gargantuan Rose Bowl flea market is this weekend (held the second Sunday of the month, rain or shine)...Hopefully rain, so the crowds will be at a minimum, meaning sweeter deals for me! HA! 
But if not, its a good thing I'm a great haggler!
My dad is an antique bottle collector and excavator and has been going to the Rose Bowl for years and years, so this isn't a new thing for me. I remember when I was a girl I used to hate going to the never-ending lot full of "old junk". But my mom always tried to make it fun for me...We used to look for antique crystal beads, many of which I still have today and love and cherish. Today my mom and I love going to the Rose Bowl, while my dad rubs elbows with his fellow collectors, buys and trades, my mom and I venture off to find pretty treasures.
We'll see what finds I come home with! 
When Ivanka Trump made over her assistant's apartment she used various flea market finds. Funny, that an even an heiress can appreciate the "find".... though she probably wasn't the one digging around in flea markets. You just really can't find furniture and design elements today like they were made in the past. 
IMHO what she created was a bit overdone for my taste, though I still think she incorporated some fabulous pieces! Take out one of the zebra rugs, both scary cheetahs, the silver walls, take out the red and add a blue hue.....then I'd love it. 

06 December 2010


I am so happy many of you are as interested as I am in not only fashion design but interior design as well! Because now I can share my second biggest obsession with you!
In my last video I gave you a small peek into my living room and though it isn't anywhere near finished, I still thought I would share some of my notable finds along the way. 
I have an extra large coffee table I use for a workspace, dining table, desk and coffee table. 
My apartment is a "Jr. one bedroom", meaning its lacking a dining area and therefore I decided on a large multifunctional coffee table. 
I displayed some pretty things that are also functional. 
Black lacquer Chinese style box: Keeps finished jewelry orders ready to be packaged and shipped. Jonathan Adler's adorable elephant christmas ornament sits atop...(which i will be leaving out year round)... Thank you mommy! 
Bottega Louie tart box: Holds note pads, pens and other small items I use regularly.
Light blue retro ash tray: Found at a flea market for a few dollars. (I don't smoke but it's a pretty piece). Designer matches and pink sea urchin shells from The Royal Hawaiian hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii inside. 
Long silver pinged tray: Purchased from Walmart. Holds Trina Turk coasters and a pretty note pad.
MacBook Pro: One of my most beloved and trusty pieces. Ever. 
My new white sheepskin rug. 
I found this suppppppper fluffy and lush rug at Marshalls for around $25. I've seen similar ones at Ikea but this one is much better quality. 
 This weekend I went to various garage and estate sales with my mom.
I found these little gems:
A set of 5 wicker accented juice glasses from the 1970's for $5.
A set of 8 mini glass lunch/ snack plates with matching tea cups for $10.    
A Tiffany blue and gold dessert tray that will be used to store and display jewelry. 
*I also found two barstools for $5 each which I am going to be spray painting silver...Photos to come!
I showed you my little table find from a thrift store in my last video. I decided to make its home as a side table next to my couch, $3. 
I love it!

02 December 2010