08 February 2011


Hi Loves!
So I've been thinking about adding a small furry member to my family but need your opinions and advice!
I love my Shau Shu tremendously, but have come to terms that she's getting older :( She's my little ray of sunshine when I get home from work and see her running in her wheel, drinking water or holding the bars of her cage waiting for me <3 
Im terrified and sad that in the near future, I'm going to come home and find that she passed. I think a good way to help ease the process is to start thinking about finding another small love sooner than later. 
I've been looking at pets who require love and attention but not as much as a dog does. I'm extremely busy and sometimes don't get home until very late...So I need a pet who does well alone during the day. A hamster is really the perfect pet for me: small, adorable, furry and of relatively low maintenance all while still giving you love in return :) But I'm looking for a slightly larger pet who would sit with me and occasionally cuddle. 
...I found this little boy at a nearby shelter...
I'm pretty sure I've decided on a Rabbit and have been searching local shelters online. There are so many who need homes, and though I know I can't save them all...I'm pretty sure I can handle one :) 
They aren't as easy as a hamster and I know they chew, pee and poop constantly but they're ok being alone during the day and are more of a legit pet. 
I would be able to hold and pet it more than I can a hamster and walk it in grassy areas, sooo cute! 
Does anyone have a rabbit? 
What are your experiences with them?
If you have or had one, did you keep it inside? 
How large of a cage do/did you have? 
Anything I should know before taking the plunge? 
If you come across any rabbits you think I might love and who need a home, email me the info to them! 
Sorry, I have so many questions! 
Any advice/ experience/ knowledge would be so appreciated! I would hate to take one a pet who was more work than I anticipated.


  1. Rabbits are excellent pets that don't require tons of attention like a dog. One thing you *must* do if you adopt a rabbit, though: adopt two. It's essential that they have a partner to keep them company when you're not around. The good news is it's not twice the work. It's just one cage, one feeding time, etc. And you'll love watching as your rabbits groom each other and cuddle together. So cute!

  2. Oh, and to answer your other questions: The cage must be a decent size, and you must keep them inside. I have 2 rabbits and their cage is about 3x2 feet. I let them out every night. They are the best pets ever!

  3. Oh gosh he is so cute! I would have taken him home with me. I had a rabbit but a very long time ago so a bit rusty with advice, I think it depends on wether you want to house train a rabbit or have them live outside but I believe they house train very well. The size of the hutch depends on how long they are going to be in - all day and to sleep in I would suggest a larger hutch than if they were going to be out during the day. Walking them also takes training, most won't go on a lead willingly!

    I hope you find one soon, i've been badgering my boyfriend for years to get two and he's slowly coming around!

  4. they are not ok with being alone during the day!! thats really mean, they want to be with other rabbits and seek company! so please stop it!

  5. the person above is angry! hahah
    i think rabbits are adorable!
    i had one growing up
    my grandmother has a pretty big cage for him outside
    i think you should probably wait on the rabbit because some people above are right about rabbits needing a companion, much like us.
    they especially love to mate! so if you were to buy two you would need to get them fixed.
    i hope you find a pet soon! i say you should get your current hamster a pal!

  6. I used to have a rabbit and there are several things you really have to take into account:
    1.)above people are right, unless you want the rabbit to get sad and depressed (this is actually what happened to my rabbit we had to get a second one because he got really depressed, it was the saddest thing ever!!) you need to get him a friend/partner
    2.) you need a big cage which needs to be cleaned on a very regular basis
    3.) i would advise on female rabbits or if you get a male you should have it castrated, because the smell they emanate is really not pleasant!
    4.) don't let them hop around on your favourite carpet etc. especially in the beginning but occasionally also later on until you have trained them to only pee in the cage they will pee EVERYWHERE!! the poop is fine as its like little droplets that get hard so not difficult to red rid off .... lol that kinda sounds disgusting!
    Thats all i can think off for now : ) quite enough i think : D good luck! x

  7. such a cute rabbit >3 I think you should add him to your family:)

  8. I've got 2 rabbits atm.
    I started with having one (mini french lop)
    he was the cutest and lovliest thing ever
    unfortunately i had him only for 4 days due to his birth defect he passed away on my lap on our way to vets.
    After this sad experiance Ive decided to buy a rabbit thats a little bit older. I found my big fluffball when he was 6 month old. hes quite a big version of an english one. i had him for a few months but i knew i couldnt give him as much attention as he needed so ive decided to get another rabbit to keep him company. guy at the pet store told me not to get another male one cause they will be fighting and i will have to get them both neutered so instead we got a pretty little 'female' who turned out being a boy as it grew up. now we keep them in a seperate cages waiting to get one of them neutered anyways so they can live together.
    My point is be carefull if you're planning on getting a really young rabbit cause sometimes even trained people cant really tell if its male or female untill they are few months old.
    Rabbits are really easy to keep but its not just a cute furry thing you will be able to cuddle whenever you feel like. belive it or not they tend to be quite moody and noisy. they nibble on everything so you need to watch over them everytime you let them out and they hate leads. it will take you 3 weeks to even try and put it on them haha and after its on they will go all weird. i have 2 hamsters as well and they are lovely little animals but rabbits haha kind of a different story. altho i wouldnt give my rabbits away i love them way to much

  9. As already mentioned, definitely get TWO rabbits. And I would advise against it if you want one to cuddle with, because they actually are not the cuddliest anmials. Those who don't like being carried and lifted will bite and scratch you. Rabbits can also live for a long time, so it's definitely a long-term commitment.

    I would just tell you to get another hamster, as they are so low maintance and rabbits are definitely a whole different league.

    --> http://www.thebunnyshed.co.uk/ThingsToKnow2.htm

    "Rabbits do not like being picked up

    A popular belief is that having a rabbit is having a cute furry thing you can cuddle whenever you like. In truth rabbits rarely like being picked up. They are designed to live on the ground, and feel vunerable and helpless when taken away from that ground. In many ways being picked up is similar to being caught by a preditor in the wild. They will struggle greatly if they feel there is a chance of escape, possibly injuring their back, or ending up falling from several feet.

    Try and get to know your rabbit at its own level by spending time lying or sitting on the floor. If you do not try and grab it every time it comes near, it will eventually learn to trust you and become very affectionate, sometimes "grooming" you by licking your clothes and skin. If you do have to pick up your rabbit up by necessity to transport it, or administer treatment, make sure that you hold it firmly so that it feels secure."

  10. Okayy i had a rabbit a white one with blue eyes and he was sooo adorable! he passed recenty, but lived a good 7 years of life! he was the most excellent pet! he required very little attention, but when i cud giv it to him he loved it and cuddled! also, my rabbits cage was not thst big either, when we were home we kept him roaming around the house, usually in the living room on the couch or jus walking around, and he made no mess in the hous! only in his cage, which is great, get him used to doing his business in his cage, and he shud only do it there. but u dont need two! in my opinion.. but he mite like company. lol well DEFFINATELY think a rabbit is for u! THEY ALSO HAVE SPECIAL LEASHES FOR RABBITS! so cute ! well hope u find the 1! con corazon... =)

  11. its important that you let him out, and that he can run in the apartmant.
    its not good when he is always in his rabbit cage.
    sorry for my bad english but im from Berlin/Germany :S

  12. I've never had a rabbit - I grew up in Iowa however, and lots of my friends had them & LOVED them! I agree with the above comment about getting two though. I know they like to have their companions!

  13. A persian cat would also make a great pet for you. (I have a beautiful Blue one). They are nice and fluffy and not to difficult to care for. They can be left alone with no problems and also they are very lovable! I do have a second cat (a black/white tuxedo cat) so that they can keep each other company when I'm at work or out of town. :)

  14. Difficult questions to answer.
    I have had 4 rabbits in my lifetime, each different from one another.
    The first one was an outside rabbit, and came from a feed store. She lived in a hutch and did just fine. Of course, here in Texas we had to put frozen water packs out in her cage for her keep cool.
    The 2nd rabbit.. my favorite. She was an inside rabbit. She lived in a good sized wire cage, just enought for her to take a few hops from one side to the other. You definitely have to let rabbits run around the house/apartment because exercise is important. My inside rabbit was the sweetest one of all. She would lick my hands and face just as a dog would. She would sit in my lap as I did my homework. She was perfect. Unfortunately, I was not a good MOM. ( I was maybe 12) I fed her "treats" all the time, carrots, lettuce, etc... one day I thought I was being sweet and nice and fed her a bunch of iceberg lettuce. At the time I didnt think anything of it. The iceburg caused her to get diarrea... and well I think you can tell what happened from that. I was devastated.
    the next 2 rabbits I got as a pair, and they lived outside in seperate hutches. They lived forEVER. I want to say somewhere around 10 years.

    I have always loved rabbits and would never turn anybody away from having them. But its taking a risk. Most rabbits are not friendly, and dont like to be picked up. I think you need to get a Netherland Dwarf, as those are probably the nicer of the breeds. As far as maintainance, all you really need to do is clean out her cage, make sure she is fed and watered, and let her run around the apartment. But watch her at all times! they chew chew chew!!!

    Another thing... I dont know how against owning a dog is... but I wanted to share this with you. I was never ever a dog person, but finally my desire to cuddle with an animal caught up with me. And thats how I ended up with my 3 lb maltese. She sleeps and cuddles with me.. and I call her my little rabbit because she doesnt act theleast bit like a dog!

  15. Hi Alex, I looooove bunnies. I have a couple for a long long time ... And what I can tell from experience is that they are very needy for attention and if you don't provide attention something is going to be vandalised. A single rabbit is going to be very lonely. If you love your bunny your allow it a friend. It doesn't need to be another bunny, if you like variety, a guinnea pig will do nicely and they are cute too. If you want to get two bunnies, make sure you get two females from the same litter. That way you maximise the chances of them getting along well. Also, rabbits go mental if they are kept in a cage 24/7. They NEED to be able to run! Mine lived free in the apartment and used the cage only for eating/sleeping/pooing. There is going to be a lot of poo with rabbits. Mail me if you need more advice on living with rabbits.

  16. get a low maintenance cat.. I have a Maine Coon and I am over the moon for him!! they may not enjoy being alone till the nighttime, but it depends. what sort of hours do you work? I work a full 8 hour day and my kitty is just fine alone, but def enjoys it when I walk through that door!!

    i think some bunnies are adorable, but I don't think they should be left alone for a long period of time. they are a bit 'mentally' unstable when it comes to being handled and cared for. they are so shaky and nervous animals, I think they wouldn't be great cuddlers. Linda stinks bc they are so fluffy and cute! maybe a chinchilla? haha they are kinda neat looking! not sure anything about them.

  17. I have two rabbits, and I really love them. However, they don't really like to let themselves be cuddled but I guess it's just them. And walking rabbits is not something I would recommend at all, it drives them crazy not being able to go where they want to go, and you have to pull to keep them safe but that hurts them.
    Also, you should definitely get two female rabbits, or one castrated male and a female, because rabbits don't like being alone.
    We have our rabbits outside here in germany on the balcony in a pretty big cage which they can leave to run around on the balcony. They survive snow and everything. You just shouldn't switch around between keeping them inside and outside unless it's exactly the same temperature.
    Another thing you should know is that rabbits are often very sensitive to sicknesses. In the first half year we had our rabbits, they were sick constantly, which could also be because they might not have been raised adequately before having been brought to the pet shop we bought them. It might be best to get one at a breeder or a farm or something.
    Lots of love, hope I could help!

  18. I have a bunny. I have had her now for 4 years. She is litter trained and I let her roam around my living room all day. She is much like a cat. Just be sure to "bunny proof" your house. Put all wires up. They love to chew them. They get depressed when kept in a cage too much. Be sure it has acces to food (hay, lettuce, etc) at all times. Keeps their teeth healthy. Mine loves to chew cardboard boxes. She makes homes out of them. I could go on all day about her. I lover her. Best pet ever!

  19. I can't give any advice - it's illegal to have rabbits as pets where I live, but I'M VERY JEALOUS! I've always wanted one & I look forward to living vicariously through you xx

  20. Hi Alex! I completely understand your need to get a new pet but my opinion is that animals shouldnt live in cages cause no matter how good care you take of them they'll never be happy because its against their nature. The same goes for dogs or cats trapped in small apartmets..what do you guys think?

  21. Chelf, I completely agree with you...but isn't it better than one that I can save (rabbit or not) being euthanized? P.s THANK YOU all so much for your input and experiences! I wrote a thank you and continued the discussion on my Facebook page, if you're interested...xx

  22. and i can def not understand why u need a new pet, why cant you just be satisfied with your hamster?

  23. Anything cuddly and cute I'm for. Go for it!! : )

  24. You need a relatively big cage, if the rabbit is going to be alone and locked up all day...just so he has room to strech and whatnot, haha. But I've had several rabbits and they are SO furry, comfy and just adorable to watch and play with.

    Good luck!

  25. Hey Doll, I have two rabbits, they are so sweet and adorable, I have a large backyard too, so I have two x 2 storey hutches, one each and let them run around in the house every night, they are so adorable, lots of fresh green vegetables and water every day, some of the special rabbit food, a clean cage every day... and lots of cuddles and handling.. fruit very occasionally as a treat, or to get them to get used to you... and thats it! Mine are soooo happy, I do recommend two if you are not home alot, and if you get two from a young age, and sterilised, they can live together.

  26. I had a rabbit when I was a kid. He was litter box trained and I used to walk him on a leash. His cage was outside, and wild rabbits would always hang out around it. I'm not sure if they were his friends coming to gossip or if they were plotting ways to bust him out! He was sweet but not really the type to cuddle.

  27. Hey Alex! I'm sorry I don't know much about rabbits, but have you thought about adopting a kitty? My cat literally changed my life, she makes me so happy and loves to snuggle. Plus they can be alone at times when you're at work or out on the weekends.

    Just a thought, good luck on your search for a second furry friend!

  28. we had rabbits since i was 4. and i dont want to be a smart ass or something but i can say, i know what I'm talking about - rabbits NEED , yes NEED at least one other rabbit-buddy. ( sorry for my english, but I'm from germany).

    They need big cages and to be honest - a 3x2 cage is cruel. those animals need to run and jump around.

    seriously, they have more needs than a cat.
    get a kitty- cats can be hold alone, they can be hold in a apartement and you can cuddle them as long as you want.

    I dont think a rabbit is good for a full-time worker

  29. Hi Alex, its Sue!! Just had to comment on this being an animal lover myself and having FIVE furry friends at home lol. We have a Rag Doll cat called Angel and boy is she cute! and fluffy and so much character - and doesn't need that much attention but will love you when you come home!

    So exciting getting a new pet <3

  30. Its Sue again!! Forgot to tell you you can have a squiz at my babies on my channel - Crazy Animal House - Angel is the divine white fluffy one!! My channel is 4utob on utube.

  31. My husband and I adopted two lop eared rabbits, unfurtunately the male passed in dec. 2010, we were worried that she would get depressed but she's doing just fine by herself. We adopted them from this shelter:


    The bunnies they have here are "fixed" and litter trained. They do recomend you get two but its not a must, my bunny lives indoors she has a med size dog cage and we set up a playpen around the cage so she can have extra space, bunnies are very low maintanance they don't need to be bathed they don't smell, or make noise. I think you should def adopt a bunny get it from the bunny bunch, the lady that runs the place is very knowledgeable her name is Caroline. Check out the website is has a lot of info on bunnies. Btw, my bunny doesn't mind being picked up, the good thing about the bunny bunch is that the people that work there know the personalities of the bunnies so I'm sure if you ask them what bunnies love to be cuddled they could point you to them. Good Luck :)

  32. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtbrLIwKWWA

  33. so cutee :) i have a bunny (my first one too). We've had him for about 2 years. Like other people have said, contrary to what most people might think, most rabbits don't like to be touched. But some bunnies who are used to being touched by people since young won't mind it. (Dumbo doesn't like to be touched too except when there's food :p)
    A few more things: 1. Bunny poo don't smell but their pee smells (haha thought u might wanna know) 2. We actually got 2 cages for him cause he outgrew the first one. I believe there's a guideline to what size of a cage u should get according to ur bunny's size (i'll post the links later) 3. Bunnies LOVE to dig! So it'd be great if u can provide it with dirt or something so they can dig around. (We let Dumbo out to our garden and he loves to dig dig dig!) 4. Since bunnies don't like to be touched, it'd be hard to walk a bunny :( But they do sell rabbit harness so it IS possible to walk them, it'd just be very hard to put the harness on them. (Haven't been successful with Dumbo :[) 5. We only have one rabbit (my cousin has one but she doesn't want to let them meet haha) and he's been doing fine so far (no depression or anything). He sleeps most of the time during the day and we play with him once we get home. So I think it really does depend on the bunny's personality. 6. Oh, and they can be trained too!(litter trained or tricks) =)

    http://www.rabbit.org/ (my go to website for rabbits. even found my vet on there too.)
    http://www.rabbit.org/faq/sections/housing.html (the section on cages)
    http://www.youtube.com/user/GelatoDaVinci (another youtube guru's bunny channel)

  34. how about a guinea pig they love to cuddle and they don't need a friend
    and also they will need a little house to sleep in their cage

  35. Hi
    Shelters are the best way to get an animal I think:)
    Have a great day.

  36. He's adorable, but rabbits get big and they smell. I know My mom had two and they just poop non stop! Something to think about?

  37. Oh absolutely,if you are going to rescue the poor thing sure go for it!

  38. I have a rabbit and I loooooove him to bits theyre so cute and cuddlyy and you are able to hold them and snuggle them. Ive learned so much about rabbits since owning one as a pet. They are really so very smart like a dog almost! my rabbit was so very easily potty trained he trained himself! he does well by himself while im out all day but i always take the time to let him run around outside of his cage and play with him for 30mins to 1 hour each day! they crave attention and need companionship/someone to play with. since they are easily potty trained they are easy to care for but their hair does get messy when they start shedding. my rabbits cage is large and has two stories as they love to jump and need lots of space to stretch! i highly recommend a rabbit as a pet they are so loving and adorable my rabbit definitely brightens my day everyday since ive had him !

  39. oh and i just read some of the above comments and i've heard people tell me and read in books that rabbits dont like to be touched but i just think thats simply not true!! my rabbit LOVES to be held/pet/cuddled i pick him up and cuddle him close to my face and he never ever has bitten me or scratched me all he does is lick my face or chew my hair! lol i also forgot to mention they can also be trained with commands as well. my rabbit knows when to stop doing something bad and also knows how to sit and run to me when i call his name. i have both a dog and rabbit and i equally love them both

  40. Rabbits are really wonderful companions =). If you are gone a good bit of the day, maybe you could look into adopting a bonded pair of bunnies that way they wouldn't be lonely until you got home. I know the best way to house a bunny/bunnies is using an X pen type system. It really allows them freedom, while keeping them contained. Here is a great site of ideas of xpen style cages - http://www.sandiegorabbits.org/adoption/pen_living.html

    Bunnies are fairly easily litter box trained also and are by nature, very clean animals. They usually go to the bathroom in corners of their cages. If you put a small litter pan with shredded timothy hay and bedding and each time they go to the bathroom, move the "potty" into the litter pan, they pick up very quickly. They'll even run into their cage to go to the bathroom during "free time" at night once they're trained =).

    I hope this helps some! I've had bunnies before, but I have a "pack" of little dogs right now - so I cannot have a bunny in my house unfortunately. I just LOVE them though and think they are precious!

    Best of luck in your decision!

  41. Alright!!! Bunnies are the best pets ever! One of the best resources around for bunny information are rescue websites. I volunteer with a rabbit rescue based in San Gabriel, CA. Here is their website www.mybunny.org and it is full of information like proper housing setup (no cages - it would be like living life inside a walk-in closet), how to decode their behavior, medical needs, list of safe fruits and veggies and even ideas for toys. Congrats on choosing a bunny. They are such little characters:-)

  42. Alright!!! Bunnies are the best pets ever! One of the best resources around for bunny information are rescue websites. I volunteer with a rabbit rescue based in San Gabriel, CA. Here is their website www.mybunny.org and it is full of information like proper housing setup (no cages - it would be like living life inside a walk-in closet), how to decode their behavior, medical needs, list of safe fruits and veggies and even ideas for toys. Congrats on choosing a bunny. They are such little characters:-)

  43. Oops! Don't know how I did that. Btw I forgot to mention that rabbits love attention and affection. They are very social little guys but they just don't always like it in the same way that we can cuddle cats or dogs. Not all rabbits like to be held but some really enjoy it. I sit next to mine or watch tv with them and they will happily be snuggled while they are still on all four paws:-)

  44. Rabbits are really hard to take care off, and many of the "mini" ones are not mini and get to be really huge or have defect and don't live lone :( My friends have a chinchilla and they are amazing pets! So soft, don't smell, and so cute to watch them take a volcanic ash bath! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0excvr_dWc and they are so cute when they eat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPP_sGuqNhI&feature=related