09 February 2011


I love finding a good deal! 
Often times, if I find something at a department store that isn't a high designer item, I'll opt to stalk it until it goes on sale to purchase it. 
It's a gamble, but it's worth the wait! 
That's exactly what I did with this new shoulder chain handbag by Halston. I blogged about it here a few months ago when it was $300. Recently, I found it at Nordstrom for less than half what it was originally marked. 
It's a great alternative to my Chanel flap...
(both have a pretty chain strap and flap top)
Today I stopped by Nordstrom Rack just to pick up some heat protectant for my hair...they have a wide selection of good marked down hair products at my location. I shouldn't have swung by the designer clothes racks but couldn't resist and found this dusty pink, ultra soft, leather, cropped and slouchy jacket with zipper accents by Alice and Olivia. 
The cut of the jacket is almost identical to my beloved Mossimo faux leather jacket that so many of you love. It's an amazing fit and the perfect subtle pink color. It was originally priced at a shocking $730! The Rack had it marked for $280 but was stickered with an extra 40% off!
It's truly an amazing piece and total score!
Pink Leather Jacket: Alice and Olivia 
Leopard Chiffon Blouse: H&M
Black Trouser Shorts: H&M
Handbag: Halston 
Black Tights: Walmart 
Flats: Classic black Tory Burch Revas
P.S. I want to thank all of you SO much for all the comments and emails regarding your experiences and knowledge about pet rabbits! It  definitely cleared up questions I had and now I am really going to have to revaluate whether or not I can be the best mom to a rabbit at this point in my life...
P.SS. To make it easier on those of you who want a particular piece of jewelry but don't see it on my Etsy.... 
I want you to know that I can make any piece you have seen in the past, even though it might not currently be listed. I get lots of emails asking whether or not I can make a certain piece for you, I definitely can and to your specifications :) 
Just email me your order along with your email and shipping  address and I will send you an invoice through PayPal. 
I would actually prefer not to re-list on Etsy anymore, as my online store should be ready and launched in the very near future and I want to be able to easily transition over <3  
I hope everyone has a great day! It's only one day 'till Friday! :D 


  1. I LOVE Nordstrom Rack. Very cute outfit. I think about your OOTD videos while shopping for inspiration! xoxo

  2. I love Nordstroms! And I just have become a fan of your you tube videos + blog. Your style is really classic and simple.. That's an amazing deal on that jacket. I really love your Chanel flap ;)

  3. The bag is amazing I'm going to go hunt for it :)

    Also love the trouser shorts, did you get them recently? Would I still be able to find them at H&M?

    Love your style <3

  4. WOW, that jacket is GORG! I don't even have words for the handbag....... ALex, you're so good at bargain shopping!

  5. That jacket is totally beyond...I love it - lucky you,that is a fantastic find & a fabulous deal - you look gorgeous xx

  6. Love all the stuff as usual! I am so jealous you got that A&O jacket at such a deal! Adorable! :) I can't wait to get the necklace I asked you to make! I will def. do a blog post once it comes! Thanks Alex!!! :)

  7. OMG!!! I LOVE your new jacket. Looks amazing :)


  8. Cute outfit I love the bag it's amazing ♥

  9. Nice finds :D I love your style!! All the outfits that you put together are so nice!! That leather jacket is so cute, and for such a good price too!

  10. I absolutely adore your outfit! And sense of style at that! =)

  11. that's a really good deal!! Love the jacket and your blouse :)

  12. You have great style and I love looking thorough your pics for inspiration. I love that you got all your pieces on sale.

  13. I am totally loving that jacket! I love when I find a good deal..I feel like I have won something! :)

  14. Love this outfit - that leather jacket is absolutely gorgeous! I am useless at scoring bargains - I am so jealous of all your finds! xxx

  15. I'm loving everything! The jacket is girly and sweet, and the Halston is right on for Spring. Thank you for always inspiring me Alex ♥

  16. I LOVE the jacket.. and the bag! And the bag is not something I would normally go for..

    Nordstrom Rack is literally one of my favorite places to be. Not just shop.. I just like to BE there. I found my Tory Burch Revas there for $80!!!! That is just ridiculous.

    I love your blog and your YouTube channel! Keep up the great work!


  17. Nordstrom Rack is THE best, especially since they carry a ton of size 11 shoes!

    Your new jacket is super cute!

  18. what a deal on that jacket!! i love your style, your blog and YT channel!!

  19. Very cute outfit and great bargains, I love the jacket.

  20. LOVE your buys! Is there any way you can post a price list for the items you make (With pictures!)? Sometimes I want to request something, but want to make sure it's within my price range first.

  21. That jacket was a total steal!! And it's gorgeous, love the outfit you paired it with. I can't wait for it to be Friday too..well Friday after classes :)

  22. this jacket is perfect! you're always dressed to a T and i love to see what you're wearing!

  23. you are ridicuously pretty! always so put together!

    please check out my blog! http://labelsorlovep.blogspot.com/

  24. loooove the jacket, great find! The Rack is one of those places I can never go into without buying more than I need - that and Target!

  25. I'm channeling your outfit tomorrow! Bought a pair of sheer black tights, and I'll be wearing black shorts and my black Revas! Wish I had your cute top and jacket, though. :)

    - Jocelyn

  26. You always get good deals!


  27. Love love it! nikki b

  28. ahhh love your new jacket.. it's such a gorgeous color and i love how it's cut too!

  29. That jacket is gorgeous!!! The color is absolutely perfect!

  30. Came across your youtube channel a few days ago, and I'm blown away. Love your combination of interior, fashion and beauty - a perfect mixture! Very inspirational!!

  31. Love Nordstrom Rack that's def. a place where I always go first when I'm in the US!!
    This jacket is such a great find!!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  32. sooo cute great look


  33. the jacket is soooooo cute! i hope you don't mind if i ask which nordstrom rack you bought it from or could post the item number. thanks~