14 March 2011


I hope everyone had a great weekend, despite having to set out clocks back!
I love easy to read blog posts of photos capturing things I've been  working on, excited about or have been enjoying and want to share. 
Here are a few photos of just that! 
A few months ago I scored an amazing find at a flea market I have yet to share with you... In hopes to reveal it only after I refinish it. 
I've been collecting designer water and unique, antique liquor carafes who are waiting for me to finish it to find their home. 
If you're as in love with Swarvoski as I am, then you're as excited as I am for these new, extra large crystal cuts! 
I literally melted when I saw the Jet and Clear options!
They make for such amazing and mod statement rings!
In my last post, I wrote about a surprise I was waiting to share with you...I was able to take my little Bao Bao home on Friday. 
A dozen humongous white Chrysanthemums placed in a white vase on my kitchen counter <3
A tiny peek into a corner of my closet where I hang my newest purchases. 
Last week I found this flowy, burnt orange dress at H&M. 
I can't wait to wear it this spring!
Three drugstore lipsticks that are my current go to choices.
(From left to right)
Maybelline- Fushia Fever, Revlon- Hot Coral, Cover Girl- Fairytale
You'll definitely see me wearing these in upcoming OOTD's!


  1. We have so much in common it's insane. If you love designer water (I love it) this place in LA Galco's Soda Pop Shop has ALL the designer water, I collect the Christian Lacroix Evian and they have it (best bottle ever).
    Your bunny is SO CUTE! Congrats.
    Best drug store lipstick- Totally Toffee Maybelline Colorsensation. It's the best nude esque lipstick in history. It looks best after no blot and about 15 mins of wear.

  2. omg that clear crystal ring is gorgeous!!

    your new bunny is so cute congrats :)

    i heart white chrysanthemums!

  3. I love the black crystal ring. Do you sell them in your shop? I was wondering if you could also make turquoise stone ring? I've been looking for good turquoise stone ring and couldn't find one that I like. Really hoping you'll make them =)

  4. OMG Bao Bao is super cute!!!! I love the new rings, too- especially the black one!

  5. omg i'm so flattered by your sweet comment!! i'm in awe that you visit my blog and that you like it haha!!

    you have no idea you are totally my blog crush!! i was so excited by your comment that i actually showed it to my husband BAHAHAHA.. he looked at me like i was nuts.

    i love that you named your bunny bao zhi! and i heart that you speak chinese i just think that's so cool!

  6. Gorgeous post as always, those flowers are to-die for! xoxo

  7. YAY! i love waking up to a new Alex post! :) CUTE BUNNY! Bao Bao will have a great life I'm sure! My aunt and uncle raise bunnies and love them so much. Do you know what kind of bunny he is?? Have a great day!! xoo

  8. Love all the images especially the one with the bunny how sweet you two look and he is lucky to have you. I cant wait to see the furniture you have refinished.

  9. Your bunny is so cute, I used to have one and I missed him badly. He is one of a kind bunny.

    Those rings are awesome. I love love drugstore lipsticks like Revlon and Maybelline. Revlon is my current obsession.

  10. Amazing post honey!!!! I love those rings. I'm trying to wear some different shades of lipstick too. I'm having a giveaway to celebrate spring. IF you haven't entered already, please check it out! Have a great day! Kori xoxo


  11. Congrats! on the adorable bunny. You will make a great mother to him and give him a good home.I've always wanted a bunny! Your 2 rings are gorgeous...And I may have to try out those 3 lipstick's..

    PS... I love visiting your blog & seeing your YouTube videos.You seem like such a genuine person with a sweet personality!!
    x x

  12. These kinda posts are the best!
    Your bunny is adorable:) Having an animal in your home just makes the place feel alive.

  13. Great post! Thank you for sharing your recent finds and projects. You always give me ideas for my own closet/makeup drawer. And the bunny is so cute!

  14. Bao Bao is adorable! Love the flowers too.

  15. Bao Bao is adorable! :D I had a bunny once, he was so cute but we had to give him away... Now everytime I see Bao Bao in here, I will think of him! :)

    Loved the flowers and I can´t wait to see your new dress from H&M :D

  16. Wow loving the new rings def. will be ordering them :)

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  17. Love the rings & the lipsticks!!!!

    P.S: I posted pics of my new pumps on my blog today!! Go check them out <3


  18. i love how you are so into asian things! unlike that alexandra wallace girl :(

  19. Such a cute picture of you and your bunny!

  20. I lOVE THE PINK LIPSTICK! And the bunny.. oh soo cute

  21. those chrysanthemums are gorgeous! speaking of pellogrino, have you tried their new fruit spritzers? they're my new fav since it's gotten warm :)

    love your blog! following you on your blog and youtube now :)


  22. oh alex I'm addicted to you^^
    love reading your blog & following all your video uploads on YT. All your selfmade jewlery are so gorgeous and I'm thinking about to get a few piece of gold :D I just want to ask you how much would you charge if you deliver to germany.

  23. what do you hang your necklaces on? I need storage ideas...

  24. SO Cute how you named your bunny bao bao! i love those rings too!

  25. LOVE the photo of the lipsticks so much :) Ooh and if you ever want to try something san pellegrino-esque with more flavour try limonata, you can get pack of six in glass bottles, I love how it looks in my fridge! XO