03 April 2011


This was the first weekend we've had beautiful weather in quite a while...So nice, that I even laid in the sun for a bit...
It was the perfect weekend to explore a new (or at least new to me) Farmers Market in my area on Saturday and a local Flea Market, on Sunday...
I wanted to find extra large bunches of Parsley and a variety of greens for Bao. He was so excited for all the different kinds I brought home for him! 
Flower and herb vendors were selling pretty seasonal items...
These super long stemmed Sunflowers look gorgeous on my counter and I love seeing them when I walk in my front door. 
A seafood vendor caught my eye who who was selling large, fresh oysters. I can never resist oysters with lemon squeezed over. It reminds me of the Ferry Building in San Francisco <3
My ideal Sunday usually involves some sort of home improvement. Whether it's cleaning of some sort, rearranging or heading out to a flea market to find some vintage charm. 
I love oddly shaped dishes. 
Whether I use them to hold candles or put small snacks in them when friends are over, they're unique little pieces that add character and dimension to your decor. 
(The Spade shaped mint colored dish dates from 1897...What a cute little piece of history! The vendor made me promise I wasn't buying it to resell it!)
Though I am mostly drawn to monochromatics and metallics, I will always love pastels. I don't have beer glasses yet and these super thin, frosted glasses are so pretty and feminine.
My walls are still pretty much BARE. 
But I'm not one to rush and make a mistake on an impulse purchase for such an important element as wall decor. So I've been waiting to fall in love with a piece. 
I'm sure many of you have heard of the Art-Deco painter and designer, Erte, who at one point he was an illustrator for Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. 
I spotted this simply framed print, kicked aside and leaning against a vendor's van. The metallic background, and chic woman immediately caught my eye. 
The print was filthy with what looked like mold spots.
 I was willing to take a chance if the price was right. 
The vendor offered $10 because she thought It couldn't be cleaned. I took it home and out of the frame, and found that the majority of the spots were on the inside of the frame and not on the print itself! 
There are a still a few small imperfections but it's definitely still a beautiful piece! 
Not only are the colors perfect but the subject matter and artist definitely suit my style and taste.
Until I find the right frame, she'll be standing on the console in my living room.
This is the other side of my TV console... 
I know many of you are going to be interested in knowing what the other pieces are:
Lamp and tall silver candle holders: Home Goods
Small elephant candle stick and Anger jar: Jonathan Adler 
Metallic votives: Anthropologie


  1. What flea market did you find all this great stuff at ?? :)

  2. love everything you buy & your style over all :) i live in the oc area and wanted to know what flea market, and what antique places you go to

    hope you have a great week xo

  3. Fabulous finds... I went to a flea market today but maybe im going to a bad one cuz i didnt see anything nice like things u buy! Lol

  4. I always love your flea market finds!!! such unique pieces!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  5. I love all of your vintage decor, my mum is an antique's dealer in New England and she finds the most amazing stuff. Have any new favorite lipsticks? I always go after what you find b/c our coloring is the same.


  6. Beautiful finds!


  7. Wow all of your finds are so beautiful girl! I love the mint coloured dish, so unique!


  8. i heart your home decor alex!!!

  9. Amazing finds!!! You have the best taste :) Absolutely love those cute little dishes

  10. Love all your finds, love that print and also your decor style is so inspiring! x

  11. Love the beer glasses and print!

  12. Love the glasses, such a good find :)

  13. Such pretty flea market finds!! So funny Saturday is always my farmers market day too :D

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  14. Wow! Thank you SO much for blogging and for your inspirational style. I always knew I loved décor but you have definitely awaken my sense of style. I hope you'll keep making posts for as long as possible! I can't wait to move into a new condo next year and start shopping around for accessories! I would have NEVER considered shopping at flee markets and objects that you pick out would have probably never appealed to me. However, I now realize how beautiful they can be, if combined with good taste. Thanks again! You're amazing!

  15. u have a gorgeously modern while kitchy home. u have quite an eye to spot these things to put them together. Great taste overall!

  16. Wow, loving that little green dish! Adorable.

  17. Gorge finds Alex! That leaf-shape dish is beautiful and such a rare find! Love how you put all your pieces together xxx

  18. Great finds Alex! I love your decor posts and Vlogs! Also, I gave you a shout-out on my blog!


  19. Being an vintage lifestyle follower, I absolutely adore the aqua plate and LOVE the erte poster, 1920s couture was gorgeous