26 April 2011


It's rare that I don't try and improve upon something...
Whether it's fashion or decor. 
Typically bud vases are used to salvage a broken flower and candles are held in votives or simply left in the vessel they came in....Unless you're me, of course.
I can't leave anything alone. 
Maybe because I strive for a unique/ one-of-a-kind look. It's just prettier and more fun when you add your personality and taste! 
Plus, I carefully choose my decor...From my silverware to furniture. I have a "Must love it" policy before deciding on it...So why wouldn't I try and use my carefully chosen treasures whenever possible?  
I bought this interesting tropical flower from a farmers market this weekend but  on the way home it broke from it's stem. I filled a pre-war style champagne glass with water and placed the bud in. 
I think it looks even more elegant like this than on its stem bunched in a vase.
So the story with these tall water glasses date back to my year in Shanghai.
I had the same glasses in my apartment there...Purchased from Ikea. It was a sad day when I was packing to return to the states and had to come to terms that I would have to leave a LOT  behind, as I had already stuffed 4 suitcases full of gifts and things I accumulated.
I was SO happy to have found my glasses at my local Ikea when I returned!
Anyways... I love fresh flowers in my work/ design area. Flowers and a lightly scented candle.
I think these gorgeous distressed roses look clean and fresh in their tall glass of water ;)

I took another champagne glass from my set and set a candle in a glass votive atop.
The little milk glass pudding cup holds a small tea light.
This votive is displaying a trio of Orchids, prettily.


  1. yeey how cute !!!

    i really love ur touches & i think ur sense in decoration is as good as in fashion & accessories :D thnx alex

  2. I love how you use whites and silvers, it gives everything a very clean look :)

  3. so pretty alex...I adore the tropical flower ^^

  4. Oh Alex the votives are so pretty! I heart orchids!

  5. Oh , so pretty ! the flowers are beautiful <3

  6. The first flower looks like some type of banksia - they're good because they are hardy and last for a long time, even in hot weather! Lovely post as usual x

  7. p.s if you can find proteas where you live they are a great investment - they look fabulous when they are fresh, but still look great once they are dried out! They last for ages! x

  8. Alex, I love everything about this post!!! I'm like you in that I love finding those special, unique glass pieces to display around my room. Before a yard sale my dad was going to get rid of a lot of old milk glass vases and this amazing set of dishes his mom used when my dad was a kid from the 70's. I also found this amazing jade colored small vase!!!! I totally scored without having to spend any money!!! lol

    PS: I was wondering if you ever disclose to followers/members of your youtube and blog where you purchase your chains from??


  9. Reading your blog is such a breath of fresh air! Thanks for all your thoughts...

  10. You really have such beautiful taste! <3

  11. ahh i am so jealous of your great sense of style / decorating!! everything looks so naturally beautiful and put together!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  12. I'm in the process of rearranging and redecorating and have decided that I need to adopt a must lov it policy too. I'm starting the philosophy with my closet shopping after getting rid of some things that are just meh.

    I love all of the flowers you featured and the containers you display them in.

  13. Hi Alex,
    Your style has alot of Old World charm. Paris is very much like that! They mix the old and the new with everything. Even in their architecture (ie. the Louvre). You would love the Pompidou Center (3rd quartier)! It's very arty! My fav is the Marais (4th) with all the art and salon de thes! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrondissements_of_Paris) I'm am French descent, but of course! :) Have a wonderful day! You made this day a little more beautiful with your style!


  14. you have great taste in elegant design. love these ideas.

  15. Ahh look at you saving flowers ;)
    Love these posts hun-great ideas and thanks for sharing xx

  16. im in love with your sense of style!

  17. Your sence of style and decoration is just great!! Everything looks great!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  18. You have such a beautiful style. Love it!

  19. you are SOOOO creative! I love reading your blog and watching your videos :)

  20. The tropical flower is just GORG!

  21. I just wish I had the motivation to keep my little appartment as nicely decorated as your place is. Actually, just some tidiness would be welcomed :P

    I think you've just given me the "push" to get up and do some cleaning and organizing.

  22. Some really good ideas! Unique pieces are definitely worth hunting for, love it all! x