28 February 2011


Remember the baroque style mirror I was in search for to hang above the shelves in my bedroom?
 Well, I finally gave in and splurged on this pricey mirror from Neiman Marcus...
Common, I think you guys know my style a bit more than that by now! 
Though it's a beautiful mirror, I think it's so much more rewarding to find that piece you've been searching for at a flea market for pennies in comparison...than to spend hundreds of dollars on something I could refinish to how I like it... 
I scored this antique mirror at a flea market a few weeks ago for $15!
I loved the shape (even more than the one at Neiman Marcus) but hated the color. 
All I did was remove the mirror and prepped the frame for some spray paint action. 
I chose a high gloss white. 
*Note: I would get two cans of paint. One is just about enough, but for a super high gloss look, giving it an extra few rounds of sprays really does the trick.  
I think it's PERFECT! 
What do you all think?


I’m MORE than excited to announce the launching of my online store!
{Shop With HRH}
LC @ her launch party
We’ve spent weeks on the shop, and though we have run into some roadblocks, we have finally been able to speed past them! 
So sorry for the wait!
I have lots of new, beautiful pieces in celebration of the launching!
I hope you love them as much as I do!  

24 February 2011


How's everyone's week going?
Mine has been beyond busy, but I like it that way! 
Some big changes are happening in my life and I'm 
super excited about it all!
Here are a couple things I'm lusting over ATM:
I've been looking fora  pair of nude leather wedges for Spring. 
I can't get this pair by Alexander Wang out of my head. Unfortunately, they're not in the budget, so my hunt for a similar pair continues...
I was excited to have been able to film and post a new video
Here's a still of my canvas tote! 
They're even prettier in person!
Congrats to the winners!
I know so many of you asked if they're going to be available....YES! I'll be giving them as a gift with purchase on the launch date of my store <3

21 February 2011


It's back to work for me!
After being sick and working from home for a week, and after a long president's weekend, I'm ready to get busy with my day job again!
But, I have some big news!
Many of you have been commenting on how "empty" my Etsy store is becoming. The reason is because my new online store is near complete, and will launch within the next few days! 
Pretty much over the entire holiday weekend,I have been a busy bee uploading my jewelry (and some new fabbbb pieces) and all it's information to my new site. 
I'm so excited for all of you to see what I've been up to!
If you LOVE your La Lumiere bracelet...I can't express how much you're going to love my new necklace inspired by it!
Hope everyone has a great week!

16 February 2011


Never have I been SO sick
and after such a great weekend too!
I've literally been a prisoner to my couch since Monday morning. 
Thankfully, I'm feeling slightly better now!
Over the weekend, I had a great time catching up with friends and an even better Valentines Day <3
My Valentine gave me the #1 item on my wish list... 
Louis Ghost Chair!  
...he knows my obsession with J. Adler/ anything cute and found these adorable Adler book ends too, Yay xoxo!
 They both haven't found their place yet, as I've been too sick to rearrange...So until then, they're sitting lonely on my design shelf.
My Daddy was so sweet too. 
I took the day off last Friday to help him pick out a diamond cross for my mom for Valentines Day. We went a litttttle overboard and chose an absolutely breathtaking diamond bangle that the queen herself would be in awe of...oops! 
But she's so worth it!
We stopped at Bottega Louie on our way back where I chose a sack lunch of a mini baguette with salami and potato salad and this super cute Valentines Day B.L. signature chocolate bar. 
I hope everyone's had a better week than I did!

10 February 2011


Valentine's Day falls on Monday this year so I'm sure those who plan on celebrating will be doing so over the weekend. 
I love Valentines Day, probably because it's the cutest and pinkest  of all the holidays haha! 
Even if you're single this year, don't mope! Do something nice for yourself, go out with a friend or take your mom out for a "date"...Not only couples deserve to celebrate such an adorable day:)  
BIG XOXO's to you all! <3
What kind of romantic or fun plans do you have planned for this Valentines Day? 

09 February 2011


I love finding a good deal! 
Often times, if I find something at a department store that isn't a high designer item, I'll opt to stalk it until it goes on sale to purchase it. 
It's a gamble, but it's worth the wait! 
That's exactly what I did with this new shoulder chain handbag by Halston. I blogged about it here a few months ago when it was $300. Recently, I found it at Nordstrom for less than half what it was originally marked. 
It's a great alternative to my Chanel flap...
(both have a pretty chain strap and flap top)
Today I stopped by Nordstrom Rack just to pick up some heat protectant for my hair...they have a wide selection of good marked down hair products at my location. I shouldn't have swung by the designer clothes racks but couldn't resist and found this dusty pink, ultra soft, leather, cropped and slouchy jacket with zipper accents by Alice and Olivia. 
The cut of the jacket is almost identical to my beloved Mossimo faux leather jacket that so many of you love. It's an amazing fit and the perfect subtle pink color. It was originally priced at a shocking $730! The Rack had it marked for $280 but was stickered with an extra 40% off!
It's truly an amazing piece and total score!
Pink Leather Jacket: Alice and Olivia 
Leopard Chiffon Blouse: H&M
Black Trouser Shorts: H&M
Handbag: Halston 
Black Tights: Walmart 
Flats: Classic black Tory Burch Revas
P.S. I want to thank all of you SO much for all the comments and emails regarding your experiences and knowledge about pet rabbits! It  definitely cleared up questions I had and now I am really going to have to revaluate whether or not I can be the best mom to a rabbit at this point in my life...
P.SS. To make it easier on those of you who want a particular piece of jewelry but don't see it on my Etsy.... 
I want you to know that I can make any piece you have seen in the past, even though it might not currently be listed. I get lots of emails asking whether or not I can make a certain piece for you, I definitely can and to your specifications :) 
Just email me your order along with your email and shipping  address and I will send you an invoice through PayPal. 
I would actually prefer not to re-list on Etsy anymore, as my online store should be ready and launched in the very near future and I want to be able to easily transition over <3  
I hope everyone has a great day! It's only one day 'till Friday! :D 

08 February 2011


Hi Loves!
So I've been thinking about adding a small furry member to my family but need your opinions and advice!
I love my Shau Shu tremendously, but have come to terms that she's getting older :( She's my little ray of sunshine when I get home from work and see her running in her wheel, drinking water or holding the bars of her cage waiting for me <3 
Im terrified and sad that in the near future, I'm going to come home and find that she passed. I think a good way to help ease the process is to start thinking about finding another small love sooner than later. 
I've been looking at pets who require love and attention but not as much as a dog does. I'm extremely busy and sometimes don't get home until very late...So I need a pet who does well alone during the day. A hamster is really the perfect pet for me: small, adorable, furry and of relatively low maintenance all while still giving you love in return :) But I'm looking for a slightly larger pet who would sit with me and occasionally cuddle. 
...I found this little boy at a nearby shelter...
I'm pretty sure I've decided on a Rabbit and have been searching local shelters online. There are so many who need homes, and though I know I can't save them all...I'm pretty sure I can handle one :) 
They aren't as easy as a hamster and I know they chew, pee and poop constantly but they're ok being alone during the day and are more of a legit pet. 
I would be able to hold and pet it more than I can a hamster and walk it in grassy areas, sooo cute! 
Does anyone have a rabbit? 
What are your experiences with them?
If you have or had one, did you keep it inside? 
How large of a cage do/did you have? 
Anything I should know before taking the plunge? 
If you come across any rabbits you think I might love and who need a home, email me the info to them! 
Sorry, I have so many questions! 
Any advice/ experience/ knowledge would be so appreciated! I would hate to take one a pet who was more work than I anticipated.

03 February 2011


<3 <3 <3

-Super sparkly Queeen of Hearts heart ring with pearls and pink and aurora borealis Swarvoski rhinestones. 
-Small and large pink and white Pop Cameo rings/ or necklaces.
-Swarvoski rhinestones(aurora borealis or antique rose)or pearl Sparkle Bow rings/ or necklaces.
Email me for pricing: HRHCollection@gmail.com 

02 February 2011



Xin Nian Kuai Le!
The traditional Chinese New Year song, that I bet I could out-sing even you fluent Mandarin speakers! No joke! haha :) 
For Chinese New Year, I wanted to share some photos of me while I lived in Shanghai! 
I hope everyone has an amazing day and if you're going to celebrate,  
I hope you get lots of Hong Baos!
People's Square, Shanghai during CNY!
Jing An Temple, right around the corner from my apartment.
The small fruit stand with the BEST apples outside my apartment building
My two VERY favorite and super adorable students, Alex and William :) 
My street 
Shanghai street food: Scallion pancake!

01 February 2011


Questions I know so many of you will be happy I answered and small bits of info I know you'll be happy I shared...

This is the exact box I use:
L'Oreal's Excellence Creme in "Extra Light Ash Blonde" 
Tip: I never comb the bleach/dye though my hair. 
I ONLY cover the roots. 
You all know I can't live without my collection of Pleasure Doing Business bandage skirts....But what you might not have known is that I ONLY like the 3 banded option. They come in a 5, 7 and 9 banded option but they definitely do not fit or look as amazing as the 3!
I would give anything to be able to pull off Gyaru nail trends, but until I'm reincarnated into an adorable Japanese girl, I'll just stick to what I consider my version of Gyaru nails...
My nails are not made with pink and white acrylic powder and they are not my natural nails but rather, are silk-wraps
I have wear them:
-Sometimes one or two painted with glitter.
-Usually with just clear or a light pink polish.
I know there are lots of other questions I haven't answered....I will in a future blog post:)