29 April 2011


I just love them <3
They seem so in love. 

27 April 2011


I find the delicateness of nudes and whites paired with pops of neon, so exiting and unexpected.
And it totally works!
 Its definitely my favorite trend this season! 
...In case you missed it...
Here's a simple way to ease into the trend, by using neon lipstick and a girly/ pale ensemble. 

26 April 2011


It's rare that I don't try and improve upon something...
Whether it's fashion or decor. 
Typically bud vases are used to salvage a broken flower and candles are held in votives or simply left in the vessel they came in....Unless you're me, of course.
I can't leave anything alone. 
Maybe because I strive for a unique/ one-of-a-kind look. It's just prettier and more fun when you add your personality and taste! 
Plus, I carefully choose my decor...From my silverware to furniture. I have a "Must love it" policy before deciding on it...So why wouldn't I try and use my carefully chosen treasures whenever possible?  
I bought this interesting tropical flower from a farmers market this weekend but  on the way home it broke from it's stem. I filled a pre-war style champagne glass with water and placed the bud in. 
I think it looks even more elegant like this than on its stem bunched in a vase.
So the story with these tall water glasses date back to my year in Shanghai.
I had the same glasses in my apartment there...Purchased from Ikea. It was a sad day when I was packing to return to the states and had to come to terms that I would have to leave a LOT  behind, as I had already stuffed 4 suitcases full of gifts and things I accumulated.
I was SO happy to have found my glasses at my local Ikea when I returned!
Anyways... I love fresh flowers in my work/ design area. Flowers and a lightly scented candle.
I think these gorgeous distressed roses look clean and fresh in their tall glass of water ;)

I took another champagne glass from my set and set a candle in a glass votive atop.
The little milk glass pudding cup holds a small tea light.
This votive is displaying a trio of Orchids, prettily.

22 April 2011


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend celebrating Easter! 
In spirit of the holiday, I flopped a pair of bunny ears downward to match Bao's lop ears...and by the terrified look on his little face, I think It's safe to say he was probably thinking I went mad trying to match him...haha! 
Lots of love to all of you <3

21 April 2011


I love having made such special and unique friendships with so many of you from the Youtube and blog world! 
 I truly value ever one of our friendships, they mean so much to me! 
It amazes me that Youtube would bring girls with the same interests, from all over the world so close...It's truly awesome. 
One of the girls who took the chance (lol) and subscribed to my channel when I only had a couple hundred subbies was Gna. She was also one of the first to order my Hime Gyaru insprired Frosting Kiss rings... Needless to say, we go way back! ;D
If you haven't already, check out her channel!
We were finally able to meet his week. It was so much fun to finally meet her in person. 
We seriously couldn't believe how much we had in common and she was the sweetest, nicest girl.
I loved that we could just be ourselves and have fun...We just clicked! 
We met at Bottega Louie for cocktails etc... and then went back to her gorgeous hotel
Here's some photos to recap our meet <3

19 April 2011


We had AMAZING weather this weekend! 
If the days hadn't already been planned, there would have definitely been some beach time! 
On Friday we had a drink at a wine bar I love in Westlake village. I can't even describe how perfect the weather was! 
Bao Bao 
hasn't made an appearance in a while! 
He just can't help being incredibly cute and incredibly photogenic. Everything he does makes my heat melt, but when he grooms....i die!
Rabbits are such creatures of habit...This is where he sits (the only place he sits) to wash and groom...He reminds me of Shau Shu because she used to groom the same way he does, only she would sit in the palm of my hand while doing so <3
My  praying little angel O:)

15 April 2011


It's Friday! 
I'll be a guest at the boy's conference this weekend...Haven't really planned any outfits for the occasion, guess I'll just have to wing it!
What are your plans this weekend???
...and incase you missed it...My most recent OOTD...

13 April 2011


like music, pretty accessories and fluffy balls of love that help get me through stressful weeks.
Some things that are brightening my week so far...
As promised, I was able to add some new designs I've been working on to my store. I'm so excited it's starting to get warmer so I can start stacking on my turquoise and gold jewelry! 
I love re-falling in love with old favorites...These three have been on repeat, and I'm sure Bao is tired of listening to them!  
Lately I've been on a hunt for shorter heeled pumps. Something around 3 inches...I need a semi casual shoe option that isn't flat, like my Tory Burch's or my as high and sexy as my Louboitins.     
Today I decided to pop into Loehmanns to kill a couple minutes and found these adorable nude pumps with black patent toes that were originally priced for over $100. They were reduced, and marked down again for $28.
I can't wait to pair them with skinny jeans and a simple tee. 
and of course....the smallest and most adorable thing that brightens my day whenever I see his little pink cheeks...
P.S. Don't ask my why...But lately I've been calling him "qianbi" in the most annoying baby voice imaginable, (Mandarin speakers will know what it means). I have absolutely NO idea why I've been calling him that, I'm such a weirdo!
Hope everyone's having a great week!

11 April 2011


Shrimp Pot Stickers with 
Sriracha-Ginger Dipping Sauce

08 April 2011


Happy Friday! 
I finally had a minute to talk about my extensions and do a quick OOTD as well as introduce the newest member of my handbag collection...

06 April 2011


I wanted to share some designs I've been working on...
I'm especially excited for Spring and Summer so I can start incorporating one of my favorite combinations, Turquoise and gold!
The necklace in the first photo turned out beautifully! I'm so incredibly proud of it! It took over 3 hours to complete but the details and quality truly shows. 
I can't wait to wear it!

03 April 2011


This was the first weekend we've had beautiful weather in quite a while...So nice, that I even laid in the sun for a bit...
It was the perfect weekend to explore a new (or at least new to me) Farmers Market in my area on Saturday and a local Flea Market, on Sunday...
I wanted to find extra large bunches of Parsley and a variety of greens for Bao. He was so excited for all the different kinds I brought home for him! 
Flower and herb vendors were selling pretty seasonal items...
These super long stemmed Sunflowers look gorgeous on my counter and I love seeing them when I walk in my front door. 
A seafood vendor caught my eye who who was selling large, fresh oysters. I can never resist oysters with lemon squeezed over. It reminds me of the Ferry Building in San Francisco <3
My ideal Sunday usually involves some sort of home improvement. Whether it's cleaning of some sort, rearranging or heading out to a flea market to find some vintage charm. 
I love oddly shaped dishes. 
Whether I use them to hold candles or put small snacks in them when friends are over, they're unique little pieces that add character and dimension to your decor. 
(The Spade shaped mint colored dish dates from 1897...What a cute little piece of history! The vendor made me promise I wasn't buying it to resell it!)
Though I am mostly drawn to monochromatics and metallics, I will always love pastels. I don't have beer glasses yet and these super thin, frosted glasses are so pretty and feminine.
My walls are still pretty much BARE. 
But I'm not one to rush and make a mistake on an impulse purchase for such an important element as wall decor. So I've been waiting to fall in love with a piece. 
I'm sure many of you have heard of the Art-Deco painter and designer, Erte, who at one point he was an illustrator for Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. 
I spotted this simply framed print, kicked aside and leaning against a vendor's van. The metallic background, and chic woman immediately caught my eye. 
The print was filthy with what looked like mold spots.
 I was willing to take a chance if the price was right. 
The vendor offered $10 because she thought It couldn't be cleaned. I took it home and out of the frame, and found that the majority of the spots were on the inside of the frame and not on the print itself! 
There are a still a few small imperfections but it's definitely still a beautiful piece! 
Not only are the colors perfect but the subject matter and artist definitely suit my style and taste.
Until I find the right frame, she'll be standing on the console in my living room.
This is the other side of my TV console... 
I know many of you are going to be interested in knowing what the other pieces are:
Lamp and tall silver candle holders: Home Goods
Small elephant candle stick and Anger jar: Jonathan Adler 
Metallic votives: Anthropologie