26 June 2011


I just can't seem to find as delish fresh squeezed drinks in LA as they have in SF.... So I love making my favorite drink at home: Salty Dog. 
Cocktails and Royalty...Totally me! 
Look at those huge thumper feet and lil cotton tail!  I melt! 
I'm usually such a monochromatic dresser.... 
Today I did a double take when I noticed how BRIGHT the clothes in my closet were! 
My new and beloved Alexander Wang wedges arrived last week and I couldn't be happier with them! Even better because I scored them at an amazing price...Gotta love Neiman's sales! 
Definitely expect to see the in future OOTDs!  

22 June 2011


It's no secret...
I'm sort of obsessed with my 'lil Nespresso maker.
Recently I've made the corner of my kitchen where I keep/ display my beloved appliance into a pretty "breakfast nook".
My place isn't nearly spacious enough for a legit nook, so a space on my counter wil have to do!
I love waking up to pretty pastels, milk and depression glass, and delicate china.  
I'm not going to lie...It's a rare occasion to find cookies in my place, only because I can't be trusted ;) But, I made some adorable homemade sugar cookies over the weekend with my mom and took some home because I knew they'd look perfect in my nook...and can allow myself to be bad...every once in a while! 


Lemme share my mirrored tray of pretty, glittery things.  
I love displaying the girliest of trinkets I'm obsessing over in pretty groupings like this: 
I'm an absolute sucker for glittery nail polish, and almost always have a few random nails painted solid glitter. Usually, I find my gorgeous sparkle polishes at Asian beauty stores or supermarkets, but when I recently came across deborah lippmann "Glitter in the Air" polish I ran out to my Nordstrom and picked one up! They also had an uber festive confetti glitter polish called "Happy Birthday" which I plan on painting my toes with :) 
*I applied 5 coats of "Glitter in the Air" to my nails and the color turned out exactly like the color in the bottle. 
Champagne glass filled with earrings... Click title below: 

09 June 2011


It seems every modern girl (over 21, of course) should incorporate a bar cart of some sort into their decor.
I've learned bar carts are convenient pieces of furniture that work well in small and large places alike. 
Sometimes it seems like theres barely enough room for Bao Bao and I to move about in my small apartment...but bar carts are multifunctional and can easily double as foyer or end tables. 
When my besties aren't over visiting for cocktails and gossip, my bar cart morphs into a pretty catch-all table that lives by the front door. A pretty silver basket holds my keys, sunnies and bills, and a vase of fresh flowers replaces the pretty glasses and beverages. 
Here is my fully stocked and ready to entertain...bar cart, though I have yet to frame my ERTE print which will be hung directly above it...soon!
*Bar cart: 
Flea market, $20. It was originally an ugly aqua color which I repainted in a high gloss gold. 
*Vintage style champagne glasses: 
TJ Maxx. They're super thin Czech crystal, exactly the shape and style i was looking for!
*Glass cobalt tumblers: 
Pier 1 Imports. 
*Silver glass ice bucket: 
Flea market, along with 6 matching glasses...one of which I used to hold cute heart stirrers which were gifted from a friend. 
*Small crystal decanter: 
Flea market. 
*Small gold striped glasses: 
Flea market. 

02 June 2011


The much requested "How I wear my extensions" and summertime makeup video!

01 June 2011


Lately, these are some of my favorite things. 
They get me through the day and make me smile... 

1. My Favorite Nespresso Capsules: Ristretto, Onirio, Arpeggio.
2. Dolce and Gabbana Sunnies. Scored at Marshalls! 
3. Pairing my Silver Ultra Luxe bracelet and Michael Kors watch in rose gold. I haven't taken this combo off in weeks!
4. I'm probably the only person in the world who despises the iPhone. Totally in love with my white Blackberry Torch. 
5. Cuteness, Starbucks espresso cups.
6. Sweeping MAC's Gold Deposit bronzer over my Chanel Tan De Soleil for an effortless summer glow. 
7. My Beloved White iPad 2 gives me freedom and peace of mind.
1. One of my new favorites, Taylor Swift: Mean 
2. Always reaching for my white and pink skinnies from H&M.
3. My Long, pointed fingernails painted with Essie's Sand Tropez.
4. Drinking Volvic water because it reminds me of my travels to Europe.
I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!