30 August 2011


I had a few spare minutes to snap a couple photos of my overall look today. 
I love my new thick leather envelope clutch. I wore it to a semi formal mixer last week and casually with an airy collared top and skinny jeans today. 
Totally versatile and the quality makes me happy! 
I may be the only girl in the world who thinks it's more of a pain than a guilty pleasure to get a manicure...So I try and keep up my nails at home. 
Yesterday I tried an unlikely combination that reminds me of sprinkle cookies! :) 
Royal purple collared shirt: H&M/ Envie leather envelope clutch: courtesy of Luna Wong/ Ombre wrap chain bracelet: HRH COLLECTION   
Two coats of Essie in Sand Tropez with one coat of Deborah Lippmann in Happy Birthday over top.  

28 August 2011


I've been wanting to share a pair of bedside lamps I recently purchased at a flea market, but was waiting to until I found the perfect shades for them. 
I have been practically living in the dark in my bedroom, so I was ecstatic when I spotted them!  The crystal based lamps are a simple, chic, art deco design that matches my taste perfectly. I found  flat ruffled shades that are intricate yet don't take away from the vintage bases. 
Also wanted to share some pretty little things I've collected over the past couple weeks. 
Details below...
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend <3 
Bud vase: Jonathan Adler/ Silver votives: Pottery Barn/ Tin candle: Voluspa/ Books: The Little Dictionary of Fashion and The Gospel According to Coco Chanel/ Silver tray: Pottery Barn/ Butter nail polish: HRH and Teddy Girl/ Touch- up brush: Chanel/ Lipstick: Chanel in Rebelle.   

24 August 2011


I recently converted an alcove in my bedroom into a small 
"dressing room" or mini boudoir of sorts...
A girl can dream, can't she?   
It isn't quite finished yet and I'm still deciding on its permanent arrangement, but I've been having loads of fun feeling super girly while getting ready amongst my prettiest things!
Here's a peek into my little space and a look at my 
new glittery All Saints dress. 

23 August 2011


Good morning, Ladies! 
One of the questions I receive most often is when I will be adding more La Lumiere bracelets to my store. It was definitely one of my best sellers, but after some logistical set backs, I had to retire the original La Lumiere (for now at least).
I absolutely love the glamourous yet casual feel of the wrap bracelet paired with the large Swarovski crystal.  
It's truly stunning. 
After a few months of trial and error I was ecstatic when I came across the perfect chain. 
I couldn't be happier with the finished product. 
...and a quick OOTD <3

21 August 2011


Many of the emails I receive from my readers/ viewers are questions about Bao Bao.
I love my little Bao so much it pains me to think of how many rabbits and other small pets are eventually abandoned after their owner realizes just how much attention and maintenance they actually require.  
I thought it would be helpful to address your questions once and for all via video. 
Even if this enlightens just one person to make a more conscious decision on whether or not to adopt, then I'll be happy I posted this video >x<

17 August 2011


that make me smile big! 
Displaying my favorite nail polishes in a pretty 
chevron patterned bowl. 
I haven't put this new sequins mini dress away.
 It's just too pretty and doesn't deserve to 
be hidden in a closet. 
Playing with my Steve Madden, leopard print loafers.
Birthday treats from my favorite bakery, 85 degrees. 
Metallic sweaters which I plan on getting lots of use 
out of this fall/ winter. 

15 August 2011


I did a bit of shopping this weekend and wanted to share my favorite find...
This metallic sweater FROM H&M. 
I have also added TWO new bracelets to my store, one of which I am wearing my my newest video and the other in my July Favorites.
{Click on the names for more info}

09 August 2011


I had some work and a couple projects to finish tonight so I poured a glass of my favorite wine, Cupcake and had a bit of some of my favorite cheese, Bleu and and Gruyere and crackers. Some new reading material was a nice surprise in my mailbox today...Hopefully I'll be able to crack one of them open before bed tonight! 
I stopped in a pet store on the way home for some Bao necessities and saw that Martha Stewart's pet line was on clearance. I couldn't pass up this little crab embroidered polo for $4. How insanely adorable does he look in it? 
I'm so crazy, I know!
funny face!
Dosen't he look like a lil' munchkin here? 



07 August 2011


Hot pink skirt: Zara, Light weight tee: Brandy & Melville, Tory Burch flats, Vintage Chanel earrings, HRH Collection Chains, Chanel jumbo flap.
I'm a sucker for snacks, but I try my best to keep them heathy, light and proportioned. 
Fresh shrimp cocktail and sugar snap peas with eggplant hummus are easy to prepare and satisfying. 
Taking the time to prepare small bites prettily is also a "diet" trick I try to live by. Rather than sitting at the couch with a bag or chips or box of crackers, use one of your favorite small bowls and "make" yourself a snack. Its more enjoyable that way too!
 My flea market find: Authentic vintage Chanel earrings. 
Teaching Bao tricks and melting at his cuteness! Look at those ears! 
$2 neon color Gladiolas that give my monochromatic living room the perfect pop of color for summer. 

05 August 2011


I think you'll love this update because sharing my apartment is definitely one the the most requested topics I receive! 
Though I'm not completely finished with my office/ design space, today I was able to take photos because my Parsons style desk finally arrived! 
Tomorrow my brother is stopping by to help put some shelves up and then only small touches will needed after. 
A bulletin board, other framed pieces, random office nick-nacks and a decision to keep or return a lampshade... 
I wasn't able to share the other side of the space (the storage cabinet I designed from Ikea) because all the containers, etc which are going to be stored on the shelves are stacked there *mess*.
It is such an incredible breath of fresh air to be organized again, all while having a space that's chic, girly and just to my taste. 
 Keeping focus on what's important, my computer, agenda and favorite pens stored in a pretty votive. 
Flowers, my favorite candle and a milk glass jar to store small office supplies.
I laid a small sheepskin over My Louis ghost chair mostly for comfort but for dimension too. 
I'm in the process of reupholstering a favorite childhood chair that will take it's place and it will move to the front of the desk.
 A tiny peek of how I prettily store extra jewelry findings I rarely use, and office supplies. 
I love the clean, sleek, calming look white gives. 
When I'm designing or making orders, I like to have a clear head and I think I achieved that here :) 
A long work table with small storage drawers, and containers. The shelves will be installed directly above the drawer system. 
I'm head over heels in love with my leather egg chairs too! They're quirky yet sleek and comfortable. 
 I found a light colored hide rug...you can see peeking through. It's mostly white with a few scattered natural markings. 
I hope you love what I've done as much as I do <3 

02 August 2011


Hi Ladies! 
Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
I try my best to keep you up-to-date on my major decor developments...I hope you enjoy this post!
I've finally decided on, and ordered some key pieces for my place. 
Im so excited....Things are finally coming together!
I've done my best to keep with what I call, my monochromatic Hollywood regency look. 
My lil design/ office space is well.....getting there! 
If only I could learn not to be so picky! 
The majority of the pieces...my shelving, storage piece and design station are from Ikea. But I decided on the classic Parsons style desk for my computer area, pictured below. 
And all pieces in a glossy, white finish.
I have so many personal touches to add, I can't wait!
The temporary coffee table I had, which you may remember from a past video and blog post is going to be replaced with a much more chic option. 
After months of searching for a reconditioned brass or chrome accented glass coffee table, I realized I just wasn't going to be able to find what I wanted at the price I was willing to pay.
The one I found is pretty close to perfect.
It's sizeable without being too overbearing and simple yet elegant. 
Unfortunately for Bao this one doesn't have a second level....he'll just have to find somewhere else to hide out!
Here's a similar one the the one I chose. Mine is chrome and rounded crossed "C" shape, rather than "X" shaped legs. 
I once had a Docksta (Ikea's Saarinen inspired table). But among other reasons, it wobbled and I could barely sit comfortably while trying to enjoy a meal. I've tried to find an alternate but always go back to the Docksta... I'll pair her with two vintage, re painted and reupholstered bamboo style chairs.
Crossing my fingers that this one wont be wobbly!  
{The Dining Table}
{Similar Chairs and the same table}
I can't wait to give you a tour!