30 November 2011


Especially holiday decor!
Keeping with my minimalist/ monochromatic taste, I opt for metallics when it comes to decorating for the holidays. This is only a peek, and I have yet to decide whether or not I'll be adding a tree or not this year... 
My Dining Area: 
Arranged on my black cow hide rug, my Docksta table, faux bamboo chairs which I re painted and upholstered. 
I purchased them all (3, one of which I painted a sea foam green and upholstered the seat in a muted zebra for my bedroom) for $50 from an acquaintance who hadn't taken to them. They were originally a natural wood finish and taupe faux suede seats. I finished them in a high gloss black and chose color, yes...COLOR (lol), 
hot pink raw silk fabric for the seats.  
I couldn't be happier with them!
My table is decorated with a silver antler candlestick holder, silver brush Christmas tree a homemade holiday flower centerpiece and silver candles. 
 Silver sprayed Eucalyptus and various other fillers
 make holiday decor simple and chic.
My signature cinnamon sangria recipe is yummy, red 
and therefore perfect for the holidays, no? 
 Close up of some of my entertainment center's holiday cheer. 
My Foyer Area: 
I haven't added too much decoration to this area yet, only long sprigs of silver Eucalyptus.. but plan on adding a bowl of ornaments soon for a bit more sparkle. 
Lucite table from CB2. Vintage, hand-painted, Asian silk, framed in a mirrored frame from a flea market. J Adler and flea market vases. Lamp and 
Chinese silver drum from TJ Maxx. 
 Twinkle lights and a downtown view :) 
YAY! The holiday's are near!

15 November 2011


Hi Everyone!
 I'm blogging from a friends flat at the moment. 
I've missed you and apologize for being so MIA since the move. 
I've tried to keep in contact by Twitter and Instagram though! 
Fingers crossed, my internet should be fully running by tomorrow! Moving into a historical building requires more self sufficiency than a single girl is used to! My flat is a converted factory from the turn of the century and was abandoned for years, so getting necessities like internet and cable is a bit more challenging than Im normally used to. Its always been a dream of mine to live in a historical building of some kind....im just so thrilled things came together so well. 
Im absolutely loving my new loft and feel so inspired and free in my new area. If you've been following my blog, you would have gotten a sense of how much I miss my time in Shanghai. The energy of being in a bustling city and everything it offers appeals so much to me. Im just so happy to have found a place for Bao and I with historical charm in a big city. {Here are some photos I snapped over the past few days}

11 November 2011


My sense of style is pretty defined, meaning I stay true to cuts, colors and styles I like and don't diverge too often from it. I also live by a strict quality over quantity philosophy and will save up for one quality item rather then buy multiple versions of lesser quality.
I may have a less full closet, but each piece was carefully chosen to effortlessly pair with the rest of my collection :)
Here are some of my favorite pieces, which you may have seen in previous videos or photos, mixed and matched, creating a new look :) 
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! xx

07 November 2011


Maybe it's because i'm indecisive and seem to have too many gorgeous candy colored polishes lately, but I haven't had simply polished nails in weeks. 
This way I get to use more than one of my favorite polishes on each nail...
It's easier than it looks and if you have a steady hand, it will take you no time and even less effort. 
I used glitter (Just Dance) and flat (Mod Square, the perfect Matel pink) polish in this photo, but two flat polishes look equally as bold. 
-Just choose complimenting flat and glittery polishes
-Coat the entire nail with two coats of flat polish.
-Carefully sweep two coats of glittered polish across half the nail.
-Seal with a top coat.