21 December 2011


Snapped a few photos on my way to a holiday party. 
Flashes of unexpected color and glitter made what could have been rather plain outfit, perfect for a holiday party. 
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and magical holiday <3 
Coat: Zara. Fur stole: Heirloom from my great grandmother. 
Plain, loose black tank: no name. 
Skirt: Zara. Chains: HRH Collection (The Original Cuff and Sheba).
Tights: Target. Shoes:  Miu Miu. 

20 December 2011


 I don't know about you, but my cosmetic pouch is constantly evolving. 
It's mostly the lip products that I change weekly and sometimes even daily. To make it easier, I decided to add a smaller pouch just for lipsticks to my handbag, so I don't  have to sift thru compacts or be selective. 
Now instead of one favorite seductive red and one daytime muted option, I can carry all my favorites!
First photo detail:  YSL/ Volupte sheer candy #5. Maybelline Baby Lips/ Pink Punch. MAC/ Russian Red.  Maybelline Baby Lips/Cherry Me. Chanel/ Gabrielle. Maybelline Baby Lips/ Quenched. 
Second photo detail: Chanel compact/ translucent pressed powder. MAC blush/ Pink Swoon. Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner. Sanrio My Melody comb and mirror. Brushes/ Trish Mc Evoy and Chanel.
Third photo detail: My Melody pouch from Sanrio. Chinese "silk" pouch from H&M.

14 December 2011


My loft is coming together little by little, and i'm slowly learning how to creatively manage a multi use space. Because I spend most of my time in the "office" area,  I feel like it is one of the more completed parts of the loft, so far. 
I used the same pieces from the office in my previous apartment {seen here} just arranged differently. 
Like my sense of style and the rest of my place.....It's not perfect yet and is always an evolving project...
Inspiration/ happiness board
 Storage boxes and brand labels 
 Some cheerful color on my desk 
 Cold water and yogurt covered almonds to help me work into 
the wee hours on busy nights.

12 December 2011


 I don't know if it's because the holidays are here, but I have an abnormal amount of sparkle in my life lately! From decor to clothes and beauty products....
I find glitter surrounding me EVERYWHERE! 
Miu Miu sparkle booties.
Honey drizzled Bre, imported salami, Gherkins and amazing Urth Cafe fruit and nut bread, is one of my favorite lunches, or if im really hungry....bad girl snack.  
Shiny silver ombre effet glass (flea market find), sparkly cloth napkin (Target) and metallic painted bubble plate (Crate and Barrel)
A glittery music note hung from my extensive and always ready for a party- bar cart. 
An antique mini salt shaker filled with silver German glitter keeps my pen holder company atop my desk.  
Mini Deborah Lippmann glitter polish trio. 

07 December 2011


 sweater: gap. cords and boots: zara. hrh collection: bracelets. 
mac lipstick in russian red. 


Chanel inspired boots by Zara. The perfect dirty rose color handbag. Edgy black accessories. Blush pink "leather" ultra short shorts from F21. An old favorite book/ new notebooks and Moleskine agenda.