12 August 2012


I love Bao, I might just be slightly obsessed with him. 
He brings me so much happiness and is truly an overload of cuteness, 
but the reality is, he can be a big pain...
I often receive messages from my readers who tell me they are thinking about adding a bunny to their family, or who have added a bunny to their family after seeing how adorable Bao is. 
Because of that, I feel somewhat responsible to let you know what a BIG commitment a pet rabbit is. 
Often times, just one look at a bunny can convince someone to bring them home. I don't want to discourage you from adding a bunny to your family, I just want to stress the reality of it so that he may not be given up when he ends up not being all you dreamt he would be.
Here is a quick list of things I have experienced with Bao and have learned since owning him.
-Massive amounts of shedding= vacuuming twice a day, just to keep up.
-Bao is pee trained, but leaves bunny "beans" here and there... sometimes it seems he leaves more outside his potty box than in, so I am constantly sweeping up after him.
- Keeping a variety of fresh vegetables that suit his palate can become expensive. 
-Cleaning his potty tray everyday can become expensive and annoying. I line his potty box with Carefresh and Alfalfa hay on top. 
-He is very moody, pretty anti social and growls. 
-He will occasionally let me pet him but never wants to be held. 
-He can be skittish. 
-I live in Los Angles and it can get HOT. I have the thermostat set not only for me, but for Bao as well. Bunnies can overheat and die easily. When I leave my place, I cannot turn the air off as those without pets can. I have to leave the air on for him which can be expensive. 
-Bunnies chew! Though I've been very lucky that Bao isn't a big chewer. 
-Remember, bunnies are a 10 year commitment. 
-Bao is not caged. Bunnies should not be caged. I think its sad, and they can become depressed. If you plan on caging your pet bunny, perhaps think about a hamster instead, they are an equally cute pet.
For me, none of the above warnings make a difference.
Just seeing Bao makes me happy, his little "blinking" nose makes my heart melt. Getting to know him is fun and rewarding for me. When he gives me the occasional bunny nose bump, or follows me into the kitchen for a treat, for some strange reason the fact that he may have costed me an extra hour of clean up and growled and ran from me that day doesn't matter anymore.   
For more info on Bao, watch THIS video I made when I first adopted him.   


  1. Bao is soo freaking adorable!! :) Such a cute bunny.


  2. I'm sorry but why is Bao so freaking adorable!
    I have a dwarf hamster called Mylo and I never knew how cute these little critters could be! Your right though, its a bigger commitment to keep a rabbit than a hamster. The hamster pretty much looks after itself
    Love love your blog by the way xxx

  3. Bao is so adorable. It's obvious how much you love him. :)

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  4. I can only imagine what a pain he is, and even though I don't think bunnies are for me (I prefer dogs), he is super cute.

  5. So if you don't cage him, does he run around freely? or do you have a pen that hes able to hop around in and stay in while your gone. I feel like my rabbit couldn't be just left alone, he'd get into everything, so I'm just wondering how you do it, or if Bao is just really well mannered? Thanks!

  6. mr bao is so adorable - and he does look like a lil bao bun =) indeed .. bunnies, puppies all and all a huge responsibility .. it's worth being reminded from time to time =) x

  7. Soooooo cuuute !!!!


  8. Bao is one of the cutest rabbits I´ve ever seen
    but I know how hard it is to keep a pet. I have a
    chinchilla and he´s a big pain in the ... too.
    It´s great that you warn the people :D


  9. Thank you for making this blog post. I have had pet bunnies for years and I fully agree with all you say: very rewarding, super cute, but non-stop work, expensive, but above all: don't cage them!!
    Thanks for your blog post!!

  10. he's so cute! great idea doing this post. it upsets me when people get an animal on a whim. I think people assume Bunnies are low maintenance. Glad you are such a responsible owner :)xoxo- MEhreen

  11. Oh my gosh Bao is sooooooooo stinkin' cute!!! It made me chuckle to hear that he growls! I didn't know bunnies did that! Still so stinkin' cute... Too bad he's not cuddly...

  12. Bunnies don't cuddle :( But He's soo cuteee !

  13. Great post, I've had house rabbits and want to also mention their dietary needs. Since they can't cough up a fur ball, like a cat can, they need a ton of fiber in their diet so they can digest the fur they ingest from grooming. Fresh veggies and hay mostly. It can get very expensive.

  14. Also wanted to ask, does he binky and flop? That is the cutest!

  15. He is so cute! Thank you for letting us know that he doesn't like to be held. I have thought about a bunny for my young kids, but now I don't think its a good idea.


  16. Bao is too cute and these pictures are adorable! Thanks for sharing :-)

  17. Bunnies are a lot of responsibility!! and htey're not as soail as dogs or cats so this is a great post for those who only see the "cuteness" of owning one! :)


  18. Aww Bao is so cute! I just love him. Glad you did a post to let people know the responsibilities of having a bunny. I have a ragdoll siamese cat and don't think he would get along with a bunny so I have never really thought about one. Besides he is a lot of work on his own. Cute, but a lot of work! :)

    xo Aubree,

  19. HE is too cute!!!

    -Amanda Reyes

  20. I would love to have a rabbit like Bao, except I have a cat. I am quite sure that union would not work out. He is the perfect pet/companion.

  21. Bao is adorable! But im so glad that you took the time to share this post. Bunnies, while cute, are a huge responsibility.. and I see far too many animals end up at shelters just because they were purchased for their "cuteness." We had 2 rabbits when I was growing up and they sound like they had a similar personality to Bao; often standoffish and growled lol. A lot of my subscribers will comment saying how much they love our dog, Kissu as well. Shes a shiba inu which is a very difficult breed to own. I encourage everyone to do thorough research and talk to other pet owners before making any addition to your family :) thanks for sharing alex! xo Wendy

  22. I never thought owning a bunny would be so much work. I have a cat and a dog, and I can never vacuum fast enough! My cat is absolutely white and every time I see a picture of Bao I think of my white furball and go and hug him (he loves it... usually).

  23. Hi Alex, I'm dying to know what Bao Bao's name means in Chinese. Because you know, "Bao Bao" can either mean "precious" or "handbag" in Chinese depending on the inflection. (It can't be both though, since they are different characters. Though I suppose his name could also mean "precious handbag", lol)

    Somehow, I'm guessing the former and not the latter, though the latter comes to mind more, when I think of you, haha.

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  25. Thank you for sharing!!

    After I saw your pictures I was considering on getting a bunni, but so many people told me some of the cons about getting one!
    Maybe when I settle I would be able to get one!
    Bao is a beauty...


  26. why is bao so so cute ? i just wana hug him,awww , i wish i had a bao =)

  27. I have 2 holland lops - and I agree with your assessment that they are a lot of work. It makes me so sad to see so many rabbits listed on craigslist - people who no longer want them because they thought they would be no work. I love mine, but they require a lot of attention and their cage needs cleaning often (I do let them free roam in the evenings). Bao is adorable :)

  28. Bao is beyond adorable but I'm sure EVERYONE appreciates you being so honest about the maintenance required to keep a bunny happy so thank you!

  29. Had no clue bunnies live so long. I agree about caged pets. I feel the same about fish in too tiny bowls.

  30. Awww sweeeeet
    Beautyful Blog.

    I follow you via gfc, dear. And I would be very happy if you could follow me back!


  31. And Rabbits should not live as singles! They need a partner

  32. omg tha bunny is cute!!!! (I bet you would not want to wear fur with a flat-mate as adorable as him?!?)

  33. Bao is very cute. I saw a lot of pictures on your instagram. I own two rabbits that are cage free but some things that I have seen from your pictures of Bao have worried me. For starters its great you give Bao a variety of veggies but Kale and spinach shouldn't really be given to rabbits. It's really bad for their digestive system and can cause problems. My rabbits love romaine lettuce green leaf lettuce, mint, parsley, and cilantro the best. Also I saw a pic of him in your car but you should really buy a crate for him to be in when traveling. If you were to get in a car accident a crate would save poor Bao's life. I really recommend you get one. I agree owning a rabbit is a big responsibility and you are doing way more good things then bad (like most rabbit owners) but I hope these tips help you. Also a great website and place to visit is Bunnyluv.org. They are a no-kill bunny shelter and have lots of information on how to properly care for rabbits. Also a great place to visit and see all the other furry friends they have there.