31 January 2012


A medley of photos from my trip and of the little treasures I shared in my most recent video :) I had a fabulous vacation spending time with my best Swedish friend, Johanna. We visited our favorite spots from our time we spent in the bustling city a few years ago, and explored new ones. SHOPPING, brunch on the bund, Muslim Chinese food, dumplings, noodles and finally my absolute favorite, traditional Szechuan style eggplant! We pretty much ate our way thru the city lol.
 Until out next reunion, fingers crossed....a visit to Sweden! 
Zaijian, Shanghai! 
Wo ai ni <3 

29 January 2012


Back from Shanghai and ready to jump back into work! 
Just a short post with a photo taken at night on People's Square.  
Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!

26 January 2012


Ni Hao, Hi!
I have to say.... Its been a ridiculous experience not having access to basic sites while away. Ive SO missed blogging, and catching up with all your posts! Who would have thought a beautiful western hotel wouldn't have a VPN which allows basic sites? Though at checkout they claimed to have a completely open VPN after I refused to pay for in room wifi. lol. 
As for my visit, I had amazing time and squeezed as much in as possible in my shy of one week jaunt. Visited my old apartment and the local, less than fortunate shop keeps and their families and passed out hong baos to some to show thanks for all their kindness to me while I lived there. They remembered me, and in a strange way it felt rewarding? Shanghai has changed so incredibly much over the last four years, it was recognizable but Shanghai as I knew it is definitely no more. I  don't think my itch to return will be such a constant in my life, though I will definitely visit in the future. 
My flight back to LA is in a couple hours and I'm seriously trying to stay out of trouble and the Duty Free advantages. Full sized Chanel, Prada, MCM and Louis Vuitton are literally down the terminal. Maybe I'll just have one little peek? 

22 January 2012


Hi All! I'm blogging from my phone as China has definitely added more sites to its blacklisted list since I was here last. Im able to access sites from my phone through international roaming, and even though my western hotel claims to have a VPN I am still unable to access certain sites.

I am planning a meet up for tomorrow afternoon at Xi Tian Di. One of my favorite spots and I haven't been back yet so am excited to visit it! Coffee or a late lunch? Not sure yet. Those of u who want to meet up please comment with suggestions :) so looking forward to meeting some of u! I also update by instagram which I believe is accessible in china. My user name is hrhc. Zai jian for now! xx Alex

18 January 2012


All packed and ready to leave for Shanghai tomorrow morning!
So excited!
 I will set a meet up when I arrive and hopefully I will be able to meet some of you in one my favorite city! 
My assistant will be here three days next week to answer emails in my place, Yay! Thank you, Dominika!  
I plan on blogging from Shanghai... So, only "zai jian" for now! 
Talk to you all soon, from the other side of the world :) 
Longchamp large size carryall. Purell hand wipes. A variety of magazines and two books I hope to finish on the 13 hour flight(The 5 Love Languages and The Great Gatsby). Passport/ Chinese visa. Travel wallet purchased from Marshalls years ago. Neck pillow. MacBook Air and a Chanel dust bag doubling as a sleeve. Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bag. ipod shuffle. 45 calorie pop tart snacks. Cannon Power Shot Elph 100 HS. Lipglosses: Chanel #16, MAC in Japanese Spring and Mabelline Baby Lips.  L 'Occitane hand cream.  

16 January 2012


Full speed ahead.... I leave for Shanghai this Thursday to be reunited with a best friend who I haven't seen in years and with a city who stole my heart. Im so excited to finally have made the time to visit!  I miss it SO much! I'll be there from January 20th- 26th and would absolutely love to meet up with any of my subbies in Shanghai. I haven't held a meet up yet and think having my first one in Shanghai would be so special! Please email me if you are visiting or live in Shanghai and would like to meet <3 
Knit sweater: H&M. Jeans: GAP. Boots: Zara. Infinity scarf: H&M (last year). Bracelets: HRH Collection (two new styles to be launched soon and the Ultra Luxe bracelet). Handbag: Chanel jumbo flap. Sunnies: D&G. 

10 January 2012


After my video on "Decor: Arranging a Coffee Table " it seems that the most requested topic I receive after OOTD's has to do with sharing more of my place. My loft is constantly evolving and in particular, what decorates my coffee table. 
I will try my best to share rearrangements and changes with you. 
Alternating trays, books and candles  happens weekly. 
Its so fun finding new ways to display and enjoy my favorite treasures.  I am currently in the process of looking for my dream Chinese style- coffee table but have been discouraged with the nightmare price tags. Unfortunately, my current coffee table is much too small and almost uncomfortable.  Other key pieces are needed as well,  but think its better not to rush into furniture, as it's expensive and I'll likely live with the pieces for years to come. 
So for now, this is the state of my living area <3 
Coffee Table: Found on overstock.com. Entertainment center: Ikea. Small wicker lounge chair: Ikea. Silver twig lamp: Z Gallerie. Hide rug: Ikea, though my other hides are from random merchants found around California. Most small decor items are from vintage, found at flea markets. Small white bud vases: Jonathan Adler.   

09 January 2012


With still a bit of chill in the air, but not typical January weather, leather shorts warmed up with opaque tights and a chunky sweater gives the perfect amount of warmth. Hair pulled back with lose bangs, a swipe of red red lipstick and gold chains for some edge and sophistication. 
Sweater: Zara (Sale). Leather shorts: H&M. Tights: Target. Boots: Zara. Sunnies: H&M. Handbag: Prada. Necklaces: HRH Collection (The Original Cuff and Chain of command in grey and bronze).

04 January 2012


 Like for most of us, putting in long hours at work is typical and expected of me. 
It's 2012, and young, independent and driven women are seriously the future. 
I take the utmost pride in my work, so sometimes I don't realize how long I have been working until I look up from the computer and realize the sun is beginning to set. 
So not to get too overworked,  I try to reward myself with coffee breaks at my favorite cafe, Bao snuggles and if there's time, a rooftop date with friends, for a cocktail at sunset. 

03 January 2012


Who says nobody walks in LA? 
One of the best parts of living in a city scene is how walkable it is. 
My favorite skinny jeans and quality flats are staples along with blouses with some kind of distinct character. Sleek, clean lines and basic colors paired with my favorite chains add a unique edge and pretty much defines my everyday walking style.    
Top: H&M. Jeans: GAP. Flats: Halogen by Nordstrom. Bag: Prada. Watch: Michael Kors. Sunnies: RayBan. Jewelry: HRH Collection (Necklace: Tres Chic. Bracelet Uptown Edge and Metallic leather tassel wrap bracelet coming soon!) Lipstick: MAC Snob. 


Its gonna be a great one, I can feel it!
I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and new year!
Simple Entertaining with me!