26 June 2012


When I first laid eyes on MCM's hot pink Tracey handbag, my jaw literally dropped. 
Everything about it excited me, from the structure, color, signature MCM logo leather and hardware.  When I was offered to sample it, I was ecstatic! I couldn't wait to share it with you! I love how it brightens up my typical monochromatic color palate.  
Im just so in love! 
Manicure done at my favorite, plush salon in Santa Monica. 
Jeans. Zara Jacket. Tank Top. Sunnies. MCM Handbag
Charles David Booties. 

13 June 2012


 My new over-the-top, oh so me , Kawaii iphone case and earphone fur-ball plug (reminds me of Bao's tail). 
I found while running an errand in Korea Town in a small mom and pop type shop. 
 I spotted this scarf in a local shop who sells one of a kind items, and instantly fell in love. I love scarves, but haven't ever really ever used a silk scarf. I promised myself if I bought it I wouldn't just let it hang prettily, somewhere in my bedroom. 
I kept my promise and have been tying the ends together and letting it drape, forming a relaxed, infinity scarf look. 
Throwing it on and going. 
Peek at an outfit I wore to an event this week. 
I really love the colors in this outfit! 
Hot Pink Pumps (Similar Here). 
 Fun Polaroid from the event with the sweetest... 
Ly Ann, Kitties and Couture and Bisous of Bliss and me.
Fluffy, happy China Mums in a mint julep cup, smiling on my coffee table.   

06 June 2012


Breaking up my simple and monochromatic look with a happy neon wedge today.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week!   

01 June 2012


Some photos of the things I picked up this week. 
A splurge and pretty treats from a  much needed drugstore run. 
A few months ago I decided that I "needed" a Helmut Lang Jacket
Im typically apprehensive when it comes to splurging on lavish items that aren't considered classic pieces, but I have been totally lusting over it and when I was offered a slight discount, I decided to take the plunge. After months of not being able to find the size I thought I needed, I finally did but it still fit oddly, and I wasn't going to settle just because I loved the way it looked on the hanger. 
I fell in love with the distressed and wrinkled body and edgy leather arms but it was just not made for me. I was about to leave the store and forgo the discount when I saw This white with leather detailed option, which slightly more tailored and fit like a glove..... and $100 less! 
Overall I would say that they are lovely, well made jackets, made in the US, but a definite splurge. 
 I haven't been to the drugstore in what feels like ages. 
I stocked up on glosses I thought looked pretty and flirty lashes.