31 July 2012


Blazers are my staple and must have piece. 
I was killing time in Bloomingdales over the weekend, trying on Helmut Lang blazers when
I spotted this black jacket with unique, sheer sleeves and perfectly structured shoulders. 
It fit like a glove.
 I was shocked when I saw it was marked down for over half off the original price.  

I recently invested in this white Helmut Lang blazer. I love it,  and it is definitely my favorite blazer, 
but the white is incredibly difficult to keep crisp, so I try not to wear it as often as I want to. 
Im so happy I was able to add another beautiful piece to my collection for such a great price.
Helmut Lang Jacket (ON SALE HERE) BCBG Generation Samurai Shorts (Old also worn here). Equipment Blouse (Similar Here). MCM Handbag (Similar Here). Alexander Wang Loafers.

23 July 2012


 Making a slouchy and lazy look not so well... sloppy. 
Oftentimes pairing oversized pieces and simply unbraiding your hair and leaving it down will give you a frumpy, disheveled look. 
Im strategic when I play with loose fitting pieces to make sure not to 
fall in that category. 
I find the "perfect" half tuck shirt is long in the front and back. I tuck it towards one side rather than in the middle of my body. I roll the front of loose shorts high and leave the back long. Adding modern statement jewelry and classic shoes and handbag add some polish to the otherwise not so polished look.
I rarely curl my hair with a hot tool for a daytime look.
 Its just too time consuming and fussy. 
My trick for a non fussy, natural curl, is braiding clean, air dried hair and sleeping in it. In the morning I let it down and spray my favorite scrunching spray, which I also used in this video.  Blow out the bangs and let the rest be.
Brandy Melville Sweater. Zara sale Denim Shorts (Similar HERE). 

22 July 2012


Some new colors to add a bit of color to my summer palate. 
 This week's nail design.
 A peachy basic with two glittery gold accent nails, on each hand. 
 Im constantly switching my iphone case and earphone charm. 
Here is this week's combination. 
Pretty details on some new pieces. 
Trina Turk Tie Front Blouse. Equipment Chain Blouse. Other pieces from the Zara sale. 

18 July 2012


I wanted to share some photos from the Shop With HRH relaunch party with you! 
It was so fun getting together with friends and my favorite bloggers and vloggers to celebrate the date! 
I had such a fabulous time with all the gorgeous ladies! 
 Style by Sophia . Cryskay. Simplyclassicxx. Me. OC Rewind. 2bglam. 
 Sonia Casteneda. CDIORME. ME. 
Alexa Losey. Laguna Beach 10. Bisous of Bliss 
 Style by Sophia . Cryskay. Devon Rachel.  
Hollyannaeree. Simplyclassicxx. Wendy Nguyen.  
 Beauty Bitten. Hollyannaeree. Me. Cryskay.
 My Assistants Debbie and Trixie and Bestie Heather. 
Dulce Candy. MACNC40. CDIORME. Sonia Casteneda. 
MACNC40. Thats Heart. Beauty Bitten. Hollyannaeree. 
 Some of the girls putting on their Glossed Ombre party favors!  
  2bglam. Cryskay. Style by Sophia. OC Rewind. The Life Styled. The Goods Design. 

16 July 2012


Find out what's in my MCM bag <3 

12 July 2012


Im so thrilled to finally announce the relaunch of Shop With HRH!
I hope you love my new, original, unique and handmade by 
me, designs as much as I do! 
Stacking and layering beautiful chains to create your own unique look has been the aspiration of my line since my first design in 2010. 
My relaunch party is tonight! Im so excited to celebrate with close friends and bloggers alike! After months of hard work, popping some champagne with HRH Collection clad friends will surely make for a perfect celebration! 
Thank you SO much to those of you who have been loyal since the beginning and welcome, to all of those who are new to my line! 
Lots of love!
xx alex  

08 July 2012


I've been working at a faster than usual pace lately, but am still having fun and taking time to share bits of my days with you.  
Im prepping for Shop With HRH's official relaunch this Thursday
 {omg yay!} 
...and kicking it off with a fabulous launch party! 
I can't wait to celebrate and share all of my new designs
 with friends and bloggers alike. 
 After months of facing unexpected speed bumps, its finally here!
*pinch me* 
I particularly love my new military jacket, with its prettily detailed accent pocket. Its so comfy and I love its versatility... perfect for all the rushing around I've been doing lately! 
Zara Jacket (Similar Here). H&M Shorts (Similar Here). Target Tee. Charles David booties (Similar Here). MCM Handbag (Similar Here). Dita Sunnies
HRH Collection Necklace (NEW! Will be launched Thursday!)

02 July 2012


Just some photos from around the loft today. 
You know it's hard for me to stray from a monochromatic palate, especially when it comes to my decor. I love my extra large (Euro size) mongolian fluff pillows but wanted to add something more. Sparkly pillows? Eh... I didn't really want to complicate things.




I was surprisingly drawn to this muted DVF spotted cat sham. I thought about it for a couple weeks and decided to give it a try. Its a sham, so I can easily switch it out for another beautiful option, when I get tired of it. 
What do you think? 
I found these summery forks for 99 cents  at Target. 
The perfect way to inexpensively brighten up my white dishes. 




This morning I posted a photo a of my lunch on Instagram...
(you can find me, just search "hrhcollection")
As promised here is my quick, simple recipe for my version of a low calorie Carbonara. If you have been following my blog and Youtube channel, you might know I used to be overweight. My highest was 181 lbs, in the first year of college. I have been able to keep it off, though its a constant struggle with that 5 or 10 pounds that just wont seem to shed. I love good food, though would rather make my own healthier version of it so guilt doesn't kick in afterwards. Note: I made this normally super calorie filled pasta dish to suit my taste, it may not be considered a true Carbonara, but it certainly satisfies my craving.
- Boil one serving of pasta. I chose my favorite, Linguini. 
-Microwave two slices of bacon until crispy. When cooled, chop and set aside. 
-Spray saute pan with olive oil PAM and saute 1/4 cup onion until some are crispy. 
-Turn off the burner and let sit. 
-Add the chopped bacon to the still hot saute pan and set mixture aside. 
-Add the cooked pasta to the bacon and onions. 
-Sprinkle salt to taste. 
-Spray pasta mixture with zero calorie spray butter that can be found in the butter section of your supermarket. 
-Mix well in the warm pan, serve and guiltlessly enjoy!