30 August 2012


Some photos from this past (long) weekend in Palm Springs.
Im spoiled here in LA and find myself at the beach at least once on the weekend. Since Palm Springs is so close, its such a perfect and quick weekend getaway. 
To see more photos from this weekend, follow me to to MCM's blog
BCBG Top. Shorts. Wedges. Chanel Handbag. 
Nights in the desert are super casual, meaning little to 
no makeup and a short flowy dress
Walking the grounds switching from spiked lemonades 
to spicy bloody Marys, and wearing a ridiculously oversized floppy hat, 
scored at Target...  
and the perfect/ my most favorite coverup.

22 August 2012


I've been working on a new collection using gorgeous stones and unexpected spikes. I released a batch of new La Petite Lumiere bracelets yesterday and am so happy with the feedback and excitement! 
More to come that hope you'll be as excited about as I am! 
This is still my favorite candle. 
Boyfriend and I had such an amazing time a few months back in Palm Springs, we promised we would make it out there more often. Im excited to round out the week with a getaway... Im already organizing my pool necessities. 
Favorite Brazilian cut bikinis. New Chanel Summer Scent.
  SunniesFace Radiance. MCM Tote (Similar Here). 
HRH Original Glossed Ombre Bracelet.
Scarf, I will be using as a sarong. 

16 August 2012


My friend and fellow blogger, Devon Rachel invited me  to The C&C Malibu Beach house party event last night.  I just love hanging out with that girl.  It was a perfect afternoon to spend on the beach sipping fruity cocktails, taking silly photos at the photo booth, and enjoying the perfect beach ouse scenery!  
Zara Blouse. Shorts. CL Pumps. Chanel Handbag. Hair. YSL Ring

12 August 2012


I love Bao, I might just be slightly obsessed with him. 
He brings me so much happiness and is truly an overload of cuteness, 
but the reality is, he can be a big pain...
I often receive messages from my readers who tell me they are thinking about adding a bunny to their family, or who have added a bunny to their family after seeing how adorable Bao is. 
Because of that, I feel somewhat responsible to let you know what a BIG commitment a pet rabbit is. 
Often times, just one look at a bunny can convince someone to bring them home. I don't want to discourage you from adding a bunny to your family, I just want to stress the reality of it so that he may not be given up when he ends up not being all you dreamt he would be.
Here is a quick list of things I have experienced with Bao and have learned since owning him.
-Massive amounts of shedding= vacuuming twice a day, just to keep up.
-Bao is pee trained, but leaves bunny "beans" here and there... sometimes it seems he leaves more outside his potty box than in, so I am constantly sweeping up after him.
- Keeping a variety of fresh vegetables that suit his palate can become expensive. 
-Cleaning his potty tray everyday can become expensive and annoying. I line his potty box with Carefresh and Alfalfa hay on top. 
-He is very moody, pretty anti social and growls. 
-He will occasionally let me pet him but never wants to be held. 
-He can be skittish. 
-I live in Los Angles and it can get HOT. I have the thermostat set not only for me, but for Bao as well. Bunnies can overheat and die easily. When I leave my place, I cannot turn the air off as those without pets can. I have to leave the air on for him which can be expensive. 
-Bunnies chew! Though I've been very lucky that Bao isn't a big chewer. 
-Remember, bunnies are a 10 year commitment. 
-Bao is not caged. Bunnies should not be caged. I think its sad, and they can become depressed. If you plan on caging your pet bunny, perhaps think about a hamster instead, they are an equally cute pet.
For me, none of the above warnings make a difference.
Just seeing Bao makes me happy, his little "blinking" nose makes my heart melt. Getting to know him is fun and rewarding for me. When he gives me the occasional bunny nose bump, or follows me into the kitchen for a treat, for some strange reason the fact that he may have costed me an extra hour of clean up and growled and ran from me that day doesn't matter anymore.   
For more info on Bao, watch THIS video I made when I first adopted him.   

09 August 2012


Keeping cool during the heatwave in LA is nearly impossible. 
I'm embracing it, and celebrating by wearing comfy crochet shorts and flowy cotton tanks. My go to Alexander Wang wedges and effortless MCM satchel add a bit of edge and quality. For those of you experiencing this crazy heatwave, keep cool!   
Zara Shorts (Similar Here) BCBG Top (Similar Here
Alexander Wang Wedges. 

08 August 2012


Its the pretty little details in my life that motivate me and make me happy. 
From my favorite candle lit and strategically placed on my desk,  to making sure my favorite greek yogurt is stocked in my fridge and the pillows on my bed are placed just so.  Believe me, im nowhere near perfectly organized but I try, and when everything seems to be "just right", I feel like I can conquer the world. 
Corner of my desk looking cluttered with pretty things and not ugly papers. 
That's ok with me!
I had some time to myself yesterday and decided to make glittery hearts to display around my place for a bit of sparkle. 
 Sparkly hearts quickly glammed up my inspiration board. 
 A peek into my office/ living room. 
My two prettiest pairs. 
I haven't worn my new Christian Louboutins yet. 
I think they deserve a pretty good reason to be worn for their first wear, but after that... Im never taking them off. 
Ha! no, really.