31 October 2012


Trick or Treat! Bao is so excited (LOL ya right) to show you his Halloween costume! 
I will have to give him a treat for being such a good sport. 
Although, shortly after I took off his costume, I heard a thud....
he ran back and pushed his baby pumpkin off the window sill :/ lol
I hope everyone has a great night! 

23 October 2012


 Im so excited to share my newest designs with you! 
Vintage Swarovski Crystals, inspired by the roaring 20's, and named after famous flappers of the time.
Im always on the look out for rare and beautiful stones that I can incorporate into my designs... Its even better when they're rare and vintage!
I love piling on the sparking gems for a super dramatic, and totally unique look!
Pair these one of a kind treasures with your spike band bracelet and other beautiful chains from the collection! 
Also! My FIRST Rose Gold design!
It's so versatile and effortlessly layers with everything! 

09 October 2012



08 October 2012


Welcome Home! 
 Getting Ready to launch my new collection of 
Leather, Spikes and Gems on Shop With HRH!
Can't Wait!  

02 October 2012


I can't even count how many times ive moved my acrylic console table around my loft. Ive used it in my entryway, as a desk, and eventually as a catchall because I just wasn't happy with how it was being purposed. I wanted to use it for something I would visit often. I recently remembered I had purchased acrylic shelves months ago, but still had not found a place for them. I have been using my bedroom dresser as a makeshift vanity and everything was just looking disorganized... I knew exactly how I would use my lucite pieces. 
It really turned out better than I thought, took no time to set up, and it has great functionality.  I used designer boxes to store the not so pretty cosmetics and displayed the more glamorous ones all on one shelf, so not to let the clutter get too out of hand. Random glassware from discount stores and flea markets hold my brushes and tubed makeup. The faux bamboo chair was old and semi tattered when I found it... I repainted  and reupholstered it (as well as my two kitchen chairs). 
I especially loved this project because I didn't have to buy anything. I already had everything I needed around my place. This was such an easy project that really makes getting ready in the morning less stressful and gives me the opportunity to display my cosmetics in a unique and organized way.