02 May 2013


 Fashion and Wedding Magazines on my coffee table! 
Thank you to my bestie for spoiling me with lots of fun wedding 
prepping books and planners! 
New favorite Candle and the perfect peachy flowers. 
Mini Drug Store Haul:
 I love these Balms so far... but haven't tried the glosses yet. 
Snapshot of my nails, arm candy and girly accessories at the office today. 
I've been wanting to try the SKII line but because it is so pricey I waited as long as I could until I recently caved... I have been using a line from Face Shop (Purple Bottles) and was surprised how much I liked it. I really did notice a good change in my skin, mostly its radiance (I have been using it in conjunction with my ROC day and night face cream). The only reason Im giving the expensive SKII line a try is because too many of my friends swear by it and I found a pretty great deal at a mall in K Town so I took the plunge... 10 free SKII masks with the purchase! 
I am currently very happy with the overall quality of my skin but I suppose it can always be better! I hope the SKII line truly wows me! 
Do you use SKII? What is/ was your experience with it? If you use the line, do you like the products I chose? Do you recommend any other products from the line?


  1. How exciting about your wedding! Lovely photos!!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  2. Where did you purchase to get the 10 free masks? I'd love to try the toner.

  3. Wedding mags ow so cute! =] Loves your nails hun! Xx.


  4. I would definitely love a review of the SK-II line once you've been using it for a while. Skin is on a 6 week regeneration cycle, so anytime after that should give you a good idea of how efficient and effective the product has been. Love the nails!

  5. The SKII line looks incredible, even without having read reviews I can tell it must be something great from the way it looks. I would love a review on it :)

  6. beautiful pictures! i just love the snapshots from your office and your appartment! so pretty and with so much love for detail! such a great inspiration!

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)

  7. So exciting that you're planning your wedding! And love that arm candy! ;)

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  8. Love ur coffee table & arm candy! I can't wait to receive my bracelets<3

  9. i am in love with your coffee table settings! and cannot wait for more wedding planning posts to come. how is bao doing?


  10. I have been using SK-II for over three years. I have found some of the products hit or miss. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Essence and the serums. However their moisturizers break me out, make my skin burn and turn red. The face masks and eye creams are pretty good to though. Not so sure this was necessarily helpful but as any skincare its just going to depend on your skin type!!

  11. LOVE the SK-II facial treatment essence! But you are right, they are so pricey..so much so, I just use it at night. If you (or someone you know) is traveling to Asia, have them get it there for you. It's about USD$30 in savings. NO KIDDING. I was so shocked at the price difference when I was standing at the duty-free counter. I told my mom she needs to get me some more when she goes back in a few months. I'm 1/4th through my stash and am afraid that it will run out. LOL. LOVE your blog..it is so whimsical (:

  12. Wedding planning must be so exciting, congratulations! Love your nails :)

    xx Jasmine

  13. Cute nails.. i love your little this and that photos. Especially of your interior in the loft :)

    Kerri xx
    Fashion & Beauty Blog

  14. i love your nails! where do you get them done?!

  15. I used the SK II range for about 6 months and it DID make a big difference to the clarity of my skin. However, now I don't use it as I literally felt ridiculous shelling out that kind of money on skincare lol x

  16. where do you purchase your faceshop products from? I've been wanting to try them for a while! Love your style. gives my day a pick me up anytime I visit your blog. thank you! (please tell us more about your nails in this post!)

  17. you should do more design/decor videos! I loved your coffee table decor video. my coffee table has changed several times since then because of your video! Oh, and wedding inspiration posts/videos!!


  18. I never tried SKII before, but I heard many mixed reviews. I, for one, am waiting till I'm past 30 before I started on these. I'm currently 28 by the way. =P

    Love your style and you are truly an inspiration! show us some of the wedding styles you like?