31 January 2013


I love the idea of the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers but wasn't sure I could really pull them off. I was afraid they would shorten my legs and make them appear stumpy. I looked around my area for boutiques who carried them, but after a couple weeks of being told they were sold out/ they have a waiting list, I became discouraged. I was also nervous about investing in a pair to only have them end up unworn and sitting in my closet. I don't by any means support knock off designer goods, but when I came across these at Target, I decided to pick them up so that I could play with them to see whether or not getting on a wait list and investing in such a trendy pair of shoes was worth it. 
I was a bit ashamed to wear them out at fist (lol), but I really love them! 
As soon as Im able to find the black Isabel Marant wedge sneakers in my size, Im in!
Guess Top c/o. Zara Pants. Wedge Sneakers (Similar here). MCM bag.

25 January 2013


Because these are my favorite videos!
Hope everyone has great weekend! 

24 January 2013


This is outfit is a typical variation of my everyday outfit. 
A relaxed, good quality blazer, my favorite tee which I alternate between a black, grey and white option, non fussy pants and shoes that have some unique character, but are comfy enough to walk to and from work in. 
I just love the neon ombre effect of my new green shades
Because I don't typically wear bright colors and patterns, they way I have fun adding  interest to my looks is through accessories and small details in my clothing. 
I hope everyone is having a great week! 
xx alex
Favorite Tee. Zara Boots (Sale). Sunnies. Celine Phantom. 

22 January 2013


I've always wanted two Louis Ghost Chairs to compliment the chinoiserie inspired faux bamboo chairs I redid, but I always looked for another style because I already have one I use at my desk. Fast forward a couple years, I still hadn't  found another chair I loved more, so last week I took the plunge. They're perfect. Im glad I did. Next is to replace my Ikea wannabe Saarinen table with one that has a marble top.
 But that wont be for a while... 
(p.s. Last week the bottom glass shelf of my bar cart cracked, so until i get around to having another one cut for it, the bottles will sit on the floor...yuck)
 Corner of my bedroom: I call it my Mr. Darcy mirror, and new bench...
 a perfect Christmas present from my parents. 
Some of my favorite Jonathan Adler and Chanel Pillows.  
The Chanel pillows are handmade by me..... see my OLD DIY here
(The video is four years old so no lol comments please haha).
My bedroom dresser with my "organized clutter" 
and my daily sparkly arm party always within reach.  
The current state of my coffee table, and a tiny bowl of Hershey
 kisses to start getting in the Valentines Day spirit.

17 January 2013


Just in case you missed my newest video :)
Also! Check out my feature in <<<Caypen magazine this month, (page 26)!>>>
Read a little bit about me and how HRH Collection started! 
If you're in California, hard copies are available at UCI, Concordia, Chapman University, CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach (business buildings) and incubators through out So Cal and San Francisco. Please let me know if you come across them! ♥

14 January 2013


I buy things for a reason, because I love them, and I find my philosophy of investing in quality pieces that won't quickly go out of style works for me. I stick to traditional colors, shapes and prints so that when the season returns, im not stuck with an expensive piece that has already gone out of style. I don't particularly like fads, but if I happen to get caught up in one, Ill choose an inexpensive piece and mix it in with a timeless, investment piece from my collection. 
This weekend I wore these harem pants which I wore on one of my first Youtube videos (about three years ago?) from Zara. Though they weren't outrageously expensive, the quality is good and I still wear them every so often. My black and white printed top is from Target, also over three years old, which I found on clearance for less than $5 and still wear often. 
I mostly dress in solid and basic colors and add interest and pops of color through accessories, nail polish and jewelry! 
Helmust Lang Blazer (Similar Here). Zara Trousers (Similar Here). Target Top. 
 Shoes. Alice and Olivia Stole (Similar Here).HRH Collection Bracelets 
Chanel Handbag. Sunglasses

11 January 2013

The HRH FĂȘte Collection!

Hop on over to Shop With HRH to see all the NEW neon and sparkle! 
Click on the NEW SPARKLE tab to view all the new candy easily!
Of course, and as always all designs are original by me and handmade by me!
I hope you love it all! 
xx alex
....Sparkly tassels, glittery key charms, strings of gems and so much more!

09 January 2013


Tomorrow is the big day! 
Im launching my newest collection on www.shopwithhrh.com
I can't wait to share the theme and all of my NEW designs with you! 
I had so much fun with this collection. 
As always, I stayed true to my philosophy of being able to mix and match any of the pieces from my collection together, easily! 
In this collection I used lots of sparkly elements, neon and fun leather along with my edgy, signature chains.  
I will keep you updated via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (hrhcollection) when the new collection is officially launched! 
Off to bed to catch up on some much needed zzz's! 
Hope to hear your feedback tomorrow! 
xx alex

07 January 2013


I came across these tiny goat antlers at a local flea market this past weekend and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them the moment I spotted the pair. Some may think they're morbid or creepy, but I think they're adorable... and now that they're glittered, fabulous! 
If you made glitter projects as a child, this DIY will be simple. 
Just follow my step by step photos. 
(I didn't show how I tied a ribbon around the back to hang it, but it was just that... I tied a ribbon around the back part and left a bow at the top to hide the nail.)

02 January 2013


Sometimes my little treasures are just too pretty to be hidden away in a closet. 
To read and see more hop on over to The MCM Blog!  

01 January 2013

CHEERS 2012!

There are so many things to be thankful for this year!  
It was an intense one, and sometimes it felt like the only thing that could get me through the rest of the day was to splurge on a carefully crafted cappuccino. For me, 2012 was a year of growing, learning, taking chances, working, working, and did I mention, working (hehe), stress, love.... and most of all excitement!  I am so incredibly thankful for all of you, my loyal subbies, readers and customers. Thank you so much for all your support, loyalty and love throughout the year!  Even though we haven't met, I feel like I know so many of you!  It has been an amazing year and if 2012 was a preview of 2013, I am welcoming it with open arms! 
Let's share our New Years resolutions! Here are 5 of mine: 
1. Remember to count to 10, or if all fails, get that cappuccino ;) 
2. Be more patient.
3. Be more idealistic and less realistic.
3. Keep up with ironing, folding, dry cleaning. 
4. Go to more spin classes. 
5. Don't throw away to do lists.