28 March 2013


Its important to me to constantly feel inspired and excited. On days that Im not in the workspace making jewelry to fill orders or designing new pieces, I like to work from home. Oftentimes Im inspired by my loft and the things around me. Its easy and sometimes too tempting to throw on a comfy track suit and work at my desk all day, but I find that getting dressed and setting up my work for the day somewhere else in my loft makes me work more efficiently. I love to clear my dining room table and neatly spread out all the work that needs to be done, or work from my den area on my comfy couch. I light candles, turn on a playlist, open the windows and almost aways have an iced coffee. 
Many of us don't have the luxury of working from home, and at one point in my life I worked in the corporate world. I always found new ways to keep that excitement and freshness I love so much. Whether it was wearing new accessories, bringing in a flower for my desk, using pretty stationary, reorganizing, or changing the color template on my computer monitor.... 
Its the little things!

25 March 2013


 HI Everyone! I wanted to let you know about an event tomorrow evening at Marciano in The Grove, in Los Angeles. I played dress up at the store and left with two outfits , not sure which one I'll be wearing to the party tomorrow, but I will definitely be wearing one of the bandage skirts... you're probably aware of my obsession with them, and these are perfect! 
I hope you stop by for some shopping, sipping and sweets... and please say hi! 
Please make sure to RSVP HERE!
I was also able to pick up the pair of shoes from the Elin Kling for Marciano Collection that have been on my wish list! So excited to wear them tomorrow! 
Hope to see you there!

21 March 2013


I love these turban style skirts by Helmut Lang. They're supposed to be super versatile, though, in the past, I have only worn mine to a semi formal event with a blazer. I've seen the designer pair the skirt with a chunky asymmetrical sweater similar to the one I am wearing but the price point was a bit hefty for a piece I wasn't sure I would reach for often enough. Recently I found this much more reasonable alternative. 
Its getting to the point where I need to stop wearing this combination... 
I love the messy sophistication of it and did i mention how incredibly comfy it is?


I filmed a video on how I style my coffee table over two years ago and had such great feedback. I thought it would be fun to film an updated video on how I style my coffee table today! 

13 March 2013


 A few moths ago I mentioned that I moved my office/ design space out of my loft and into a very small space a few blocks away. Living in a big open loft with hardly any walls and working out of the same space was just becoming a bit uncomfortable.
The new space is tiny (about 250 sqft), but I really didn't need anything bigger, its perfectly cozy! 
I love old buildings so when I found this space I jumped on it. Its literally a square room with two naked windows but Im slowly making it HRH perfect!
Its taken a while to get the space to even this state... but I thought it would be fun to share the "progress".  I love DIY's so I have tried to take a lot of the projects on myself... as you will see below, hence the slow progress.  
I hope you love what you see!
Black plastic is still up in place of white pulldown shades which are coming soon.
 I found a local neon sign shop and had this simple "HRH" neon sign made. 
I'll share the color of the light I chose with you in a future reveal post!
Over a year of magazine cutouts and photos pinned to a board and hung next to the door. 
A peek of the shelving unit, drawers, doors and storage. 
Two busts of sparkle. 
I needed a special/ large size bulletin board to be hung directly above where it's placed, but the only boards I could find were either plain cork or outrageously expensive. I bought a large brown cork board and after several trips to Home Depot, I was able to make this... with help from Debbie too, Thanks girl!
I bought unfinished crown molding to fit the cork board, built a frame around it and painted it (Sometimes I think I was a carpenter in a different life). There were lots of steps in between, like puttying the corners sanding, repainting, adding the black trim etc... But I ended up with a near perfect sized board with a beautiful frame!
Candy jars to prettily store finished pieces. 
Another peek of some storage.

12 March 2013


A little dream of mine recently came true. 
I have been looking for an antique curio cabinet for what seems like forever; to store and display my shoe collection.  Because Im pretty particular, It's taken a while, years of hunting through flea markets, antique shops and refining Craig's list searches until there aren't any more possible word combinations for antique curio cabinets (lol)...  
Over the weekend in a small antique shop, in an unexpected area, I found this antique Chinoiserie curio cabinet. 
Its perfect! 
Im so in love. 
This is such an easy project for those of you who love your shoe or handbag collections! Curio cabinets aren't just for nicknacks anymore and are pretty easy to find, or you may already have which you aren't using to its full potential!
Though my shoes are perfectly arranged, Im still trying to decide how to arrange and decorate the top of the cabinet. Im thinking I may hang the large antique cherry blossom paining, centered above it for height and leave a few shoe boxes and a hand bag on top?
Im still playing with it, so make sure to check my Instagram for updates and of course here on my blog! xx
My Beautiful vintage sequins jacket is borrowed from Pink Clouds

08 March 2013


Hope you have an awesome weekend! 
xx alex