29 July 2013


 I didn't want to make this post about a simple, unassuming belt but I decided to anyways because its perfect, and I want to save you money too! 
Ive been looking for black leather belt with a large yet simple buckle and extra long in length... so you have a lot extra left on the end. I figured I could easily find one at a discount store or on sale at a department store, but after looking for a few months the only one I really liked was one I had seen for over $100. I didn't want to spend that because it was such a simple design, and something I knew if I searched a bit longer for I could find for so much less. I finally realized the belt I was looking for was actually more like a men's utility belt; and while picking up cleaning products at Walmart this weekend, I swung by the mens section. I found it. It was perfect and $12. haha!
 Top. Shorts. Zara Sale jacket. Booties. Chanel Handbag. Leather Tassel Necklace

22 July 2013


The state of my desk at the moment and some of my favorite, good quality stationary supplies this year! You know I how picky I am with my pens and agendas! 
Beautiful leather folio from Neri Karra keeps all my notebooks, papers and bills organized. Pink Moleskin notebooks that I decided to use instead of using post its or scratch paper from now on.... There has been so many times when I have written down a good idea or made a list that gets mistaken as trash and thrown away. This way, all my little notes are in safe keeping. New mini Smythson wedding planner, which I haven't actually gotten around to using yet, yikes! 
Favorite pens (from left to right) Muji, Laduree, rainbow pen here and Mark'sphere. 
Three jackets I picked up at the Zara sale. I love them all! 
Did you choose anything at the sale? 
I love a good dupe! 
I mostly use Maestro by GA lately because its very light and really gives  a non makeup look, but it's pricey. Nude Magic by L' Oreal is pretty close! 
Rainbow sherbet colored Gladiolas! 
I've been looking for a rug for under my desk and have seen a few that I really love but are just too expensive for such a permanent piece. I came across this plastic indoor/ outdoor woven rug at World Market and thought I would give it a try for $20. 
I love it!.... and so does Bao! He hasn't chewed it yet, thankfully!  

08 July 2013


One of the most requested topics Im asked to cover on my channel! 
My hair story, exposed! lol
Hope you enjoy! xx

01 July 2013


After lots of rescheduling due to all of our hectic lives, pregnancies, engagements etc, some of my favorite girls and I finally cleared our schedules and met for the prettiest high tea. Definitely an experience and fit for a princess; complete with petite fours and english tea sets. We all had grand plans to wear frilly dresses and maybe even hats but when it came time, our individual styles naturally influenced our versions. This event was the perfect excuse to finally wear this skirt, but still staying true to my not so girly style by layering it with my Kenzo tee and oversized cardigan. Girly, mod accessories, funky shoes and lots of attention to detail! 
Zara Skirt. Kenzo Tee. Sandro Cardigan. Christian Louboutin Shoes (Bought on sale at Barneys Outlet last year). Sunnies. Louis Vuitton Handbag (Similar Here, I also want this one lol). White Hot Tassel Necklace. Bracelets. Fur Pouf Bag Charm (Coming Soon!) Nail Polish