04 August 2014


Hi Guys!! I feel so badly for ignoring my beloved blog for the past few months and I hope you haven't forgotten about me! In all honesty, I have been a bit lazy because Instagram makes it so easy for me to post things that I would typically save to post here. 
Sometimes Im worried that what I post on Instagram will be too redundant if I post it again on my blog. Anyways, Im really excited to be back! 
As much as I love an great inspiration outfit post, I love posts about the little things that people are currently lusting over. Sometimes its just a new candle or bracelet that can highlight my week! 
Do you agree?? Here are some of my current mini splurges and favorites. 
I will admit, I only made point to look for these Byredo perfumes because I love the chic little bottle. I thought for sure I would be unhappy with them, but I was so happy with Gypsy Water that I went back a couple weeks later and chose La Tulipe
Im so picky about perfumes but I am truly loving these. 
My new Bijoux Spike Necklaces' large, brilliant crystals are so fun to layer and perfect for the season!
Sometimes, something as simple as luxe candle can really brighten up my week. I recently walked into a boutique where they were burning this Missoni Candle; the entire shop smelled lovely. 
I was sold.
My new Super Luxe Anywhere Tassels have only been available to purchase by mailing me, but they' are now listed on my shop! 
If you love beautiful, statement bag charms as much as I do, you will truly love these! 
New Bandits for the summer!!
Thank you all SO much for reading and commenting! Im so happy to be posting! xx alex


  1. Oh Love the Missoni candle <3 they smell sooo goood! :)
    And loving the tassel from your collection :D


  2. so jealous of that one teaspoon collection!!


  3. I have to save up for that tassel! I love the color so much, so unique.

    xx E∆

  4. Love your new additions! I hope your mama is recovering well! Lots of hugs and loves sending your way <3

  5. Cute new additions. I love the necklaces, they remind me of shark teeth, but in a good way. I just adore the candles, I will have to find it here and check out the lovely scents they might have. Thank you for sharing, I missed your blog posts.

  6. Alexandra, I absolutely LOVE your new hair! Amazing. Suites you so well!

    xo Elisa


  7. I miss your blog posts, once a month is not enough when I get withdrawals hehe. I hope you post more often then not now, I really would love some more bunny posts and love cute little posts like these or just pics from your week.

    Jacqueline xx